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Interview with Author, David Barton

One of Gothic Bite Magazine’s goals is to give the chance to paranormal and horror independent authors to shine.

We reach out to them and ask if they would like to take some time and answer our questions, here’s what author, David Barton, had to tell Gothic Bite!

David Barton

First, I would like to say thank you for the opportunity to get an interview into the Gothic Bite Magazine. I obviously love to write but I also enjoy anything creative like drawing, painting. I do a bit of DIY around the house.

I live by myself in a lovely, quiet little village in the United Kingdom, spending way too much time in my full-time job I try and squeeze in as much writing as I can in my spare time as well as spending time with my amazing girlfriend and my son on my weekends.

With one book, out for a few months now and the second coming out next year. I need to get moving on the third and just hope that my writing career is just getting started.

Moonlit Blood - Leecher Chronicles Book 1 - by D.M. Barton
Moonlit Blood – Leecher Chronicles Book 1 – by D.M. Barton


Alexa Wayne (A.W.): When have you first thought about writing?

D.M. Barton: I’ve always been into writing but got into it seriously when I was twenty-one years old. Then I found a brilliant author called Keri Arthur.

When I read her books it got me into thinking about supernatural books and decided to write my own.

A.W.: What made you choose paranormal over other genres?

D.M. Barton: I love the freedom it gives me. To make scenes that little more extraordinary. To make my characters stand out but not only with their abilities but also the emotion they go through when they endure these extraordinary situations.

A.W.: Who do you consider an inspiration when it comes to your writing career?

D.M. Barton: Definitely Keri Arthur. Not only did she get me back into reading and seriously into writing. However, I fell in love with her characters and she gave me some great advice when it came to my own writing and picking a publisher.

Moon 02

A.W.: What is your process when you decide on a new story to write?

D.M. Barton: It’s been very different for different stories. When i first started i used to cover my clipboard at work with ideas and such things. Recently it’s involved taking pictures from Google for ideas.

To making up bios for my characters for the current and future books and other times I’ve just written the story and slowly got ideas that came with it.

Now I’m writing outlines for my sequels to make sure I get them down and done with as much accuracy as possible.

A.W.: What do you consider paranormal and what do you consider horror?

D.M. Barton: I’m not too sure, actually. I guess I would class horror to be more realistic. To feature humans more than paranormal things like ghosts and other creatures alike. I’m not saying that a horror can’t contain ghosts and other paranormal creatures, though.

A.W.: Do you make a lot of research when you decide on writing a novel?

D.M. Barton: It’s probably not the best way of doing it but i tend to research when I come up to those points. Researching as I go along bit by bit. Instead of doing it all in one go, stockpiling the information.

Horror in the Woods
Horror in the Woods

A.W.: What are your favorite paranormal novels?

D.M. Barton: I love the books I’ve read by Keri Arthur. I’ve gotten through three of her series but there are more on my to be read list. I recently read the first book in the series, Skullduggery Pleasant.

I know it’s a book for youngsters but I thoroughly enjoyed it and got through it in one weekend.

A.W.: What are you currently reading?

D.M. Barton: I have a book on my to be read list that I picked up after connecting with an author on Facebook, Tayler Macneill. It’s called The Darkest Side of the Moon. I just have to find the time to sit down and read it.

A.W.: Are there any series televised or novelized, video games or classics out there that inspired your work in any way?

D.M. Barton: Anything I’ve watched that involved supernatural creatures has inspired me in two ways. One way to show the things that a creature like that can do but also the things that people have seen them do already.

It gave me a chance to tick off things i didn’t want my characters to do. So I could try and put my own spins on them, to make them more original.

A.W.: As a last question, is there anything that you would like to say to readers, bloggers, writers or aspiring authors about you or a thought?

D.M. Barton: This is advice I have to keep telling myself. You just have to keep going. Keep pushing and moving forward.


If you wish to keep in touch with D.M. Barton and follow him around to see the new books coming out, you can follow him on Facebook or directly go to his Website!

Thank you very much Mr. Barton, we appreciate the time you took to answer our questions and we hope you had a good time with Gothic Bite Magazine!

The OCD Vampire,
Alexa Wayne

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