Cabin Fever - 2002

Cabin Fever for Review

A 2002 horror film that has a slash as a comedy, I don’t see the comedic side, but it does have its moments. The topic of this movie is flesh-eating diseases.

Directed by Eli Roth, this film tells us the story of what should have been a relaxing vacation at a cabin in the mountains.

The Summary

Fresh out of college, five friends face the horrors of a flesh-eating virus while staying at a remote cabin. — IMDb

Infected Water

So a group of college buds goes up to a friend’s cabin to enjoy their break. While there Burt, played by James Debello, accidentally shoots a local man while hunting. The man is sick, and there are issues with his skin.

Cabin Fever - 2002
Cabin Fever – 2002

Scared, Burt abandons the scene and leaves the man for dead. The man stumbles, dying, into the reservoir infecting the water supply. Shortly after, one by one, the entire group becomes infected.

Their lead-ups surpass the deaths in this one. The shed and the shaving scenes are two excellent examples of this. The tension in these scenes is palpable and sets a good tone.

How Real It Could Be

The story isn’t over the top in believability. It gets under your skin quite literally with just how real this story could be. It causes you to ponder what you would do under the same circumstances. Alone, Infected, skin sliding off of you like tissue paper.

Cabin Fever - 2002
Cabin Fever – 2002

I mean I know I would be lost entirely. I wouldn’t begin to know how to fight something that I cannot see, know how to fight effectively. That, I believe, is what makes illness based movies so much more terrifying. When there is no reason that it happens, it just does, and you have no way to stem the problem.

This one easily earns a 9 out of 10 Bloody Cleavers. It is an easy to follow story that wastes no time getting down and dirty.

Kendra Hale

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