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Gothic Bite Magazine out on October 12th!

Gothic Bite Magazine has many surprises in store for you in October, and one of them is a printed and digital issue available on Amazon!

Legends & Folklore

You read right. Gothic Bite Magazine has a treat for readers in time for Halloween!

Going back to the beginning, Gothic Bite Magazine was only a dream of mine and nothing more. Now, it’s getting more real with every day going by, and I’m feeling the pressure of wanting to make it more perfect than the month before.

Gothic Bite Magazine Issue 1 - Kindle Cover
Gothic Bite Magazine Issue 1 – Kindle Cover


I wanted to create a haven for people interested in the paranormal, legends and folklore, without having the pressure of the fashion industry. GBM is only about the history, the monsters, the folktales, art, and writing.

GBM stands apart from other magazines, and I hope it’ll prove to be popular on Amazon because The Ghoul Family and I are working hard for it to happen. It took some time for me to decide if GBM would ever come out as a digital magazine, then I thought to myself, “Gothic, Halloween, it has to be digital!”

Halloween A Bite

For the digital magazine, I won’t spoil it all for you since nothing you see in the digital issue is scheduled to be on the website. However, what I can say is that there is an exclusive interview with a five-star author, writer of the Slivered Souls Trilogy, Kandi Vale. There will also be quite a few informative articles about witches through time.

Artemis Dai Photography COPYRIGHT


One of the most exceptional experiences of one of our excellent writers, Artemis Dai, is shared in the digital magazine as she goes investigate a haunted place with the known paranormal specialists, Paranormal Travelers.

Mark Your Calendars!

Gothic Bite Magazine is experimenting, putting together articles hoping to bring it to life in the form of a digital and printed issue. I guess you can say we are “Frankenstein-ing” GBM! Make sure to grab a copy on Amazon on October 12th, 2018!

Frankenstein's Monster - Boris Karloff - 1931
Frankenstein’s Monster – Boris Karloff – 1931


We can’t wait to bring it all to you! We are so excited that you will all see what we have to share and what we have been working so hard to bring you behind the scenes! Don’t worry, the website is scheduled to be filled with awesomeness too, but the digital one is quite a special!

The OCD Vampire,
Alexa Wayne

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