American Horror Story - FX Networks

American Horror Review

Created by Ryan Murphy, one of the co-creators of the hit show Glee, American Horror Story debuted on October 5th of 2011 to an unsuspecting audience on the FX Networks.

An anthology horror series, AHS came right along when it was needed most, and gave way to a genre that was sorely lacking on television, Horror. Yes, syndicated television had already had numerous shows that fit into that genre, but this was the first to tell a story with it instead of using it for shock value.

American Horror Story - FX Networks
American Horror Story – FX Networks

The Stars of Horror

Murphy had struck gold, and he had done it with an all-star cast, one that fit the show entirely, and a cast that returned for every subsequent season. With the likes of Jessica Lang, Sarah Paulson, Lily Rabe, Evan Peters, and later on, Kathy Bates, Angela Bassett, and Lady Gaga coming back each season as a new character; it was a good time to be a horror fan.

Eight Years of Horror

See, what makes this series unique is that every season it’s a different story, so each season is self-contained and completed by the last episode.

American Horror Story - FX Networks
American Horror Story – FX Networks

The first season was Murder House, and is still to this day one of my absolute favorite seasons. The second season, Asylum. The third season named, Coven. Then came the forth season, Freak Show. The fifth was called, Hotel, on a side note, it was my other favorite season and also, the first season without Jessica Lang. The series went on with their sixth season, Roanoke. Lucky number seven was, Cult and the most recent season, the eighth one, Apocalypse which is running currently on FX Networks.

It’s About That One Thing

This series is a quality, while not every season should be assumed perfect, there’s something about it that grabs you by the throat and do not let go, be it a storyline or an actor’s performance as a character.

American Horror Story - FX Networks
American Horror Story – FX Networks

See, that’s one thing I love about this series, you get to see actors return each season as someone completely different, people like Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson immediately come to mind. Both having been in every season so far, and each taking on multiple roles. Evan Peters shined in Hotel, becoming his best character yet in my humble opinion.

American Horror Story - FX Networks
American Horror Story – FX Networks

Here’s one spoiler, but it’s nothing you wouldn’t have seen on social media regardless. All the worlds of American Horror Story are connected, all happens in the same universe. With that said, expect to see characters return from previous seasons in some way. Maybe meeting new characters or happening through a location, or in the newest season’s case, a massive season crossover between two previous seasons.

Binge Watch AHS


I’m going to bring this review to a close now, I didn’t want to dive into each season and review it that way, but I wanted you to do what we did, and that’s sit down with Netflix and binge watch them over and over, it’s well worth it.

American Horror Story - FX Networks
American Horror Story – FX Networks

My wife and I are about to start season eight; then after we plan to binge it all one more time, our sixth run through of all the seasons. Watch this show, if you take away nothing else from this review, take that much.

Edward Hale

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