Slasher — Chiller

Slasher Series A Review

Slasher is an American Horror Story style show. Each season, 2 of them so far, have not only a different story but unlike AHS have a completely different cast.

Coming to us from Canada, I will warn that this series is not for the faint of heart. The TV-MA rating is correct.

AHS vs Slasher

Just like AHS, this show does not pull any punches, and the writing and story only get better as it transitions from Season 1 to Season 2.

Slasher — Chiller
Slasher — Chiller

So, boils and ghouls, spoiler-free is the way this shall be. Let us dive in and look at the stories for the first and second season.

The Executioner

While this will be spoiler free, I will give a gist of the story. Each season has a theme if you will, and that shows in their titles. This theme did not happen entirely until Season two came out and then they retroactively named Season one.

The Executioner was a serial killer in the small town of Waterbury, Canada — fictional town created for the show. On Halloween night back in 1988, he murdered our main character Sarah’s parents brutally. Her mother had been pregnant at the time, and the killer pulls Sarah from the womb.

Slasher — Chiller
Slasher — Chiller

Fast forward to now, and Sarah is an adult with a husband. She has decided it is time to take her place at the family home left to her by her parents. This home that not only destroyed her life but one she hopes to find answers to questions that haunt her.

Sarah tries to begin her life, opening her art gallery while her husband is getting used to going from a big city newspaper to a small town local paper. As a reporter, you can imagine what coming to a town where your wife’s most horrific moments happened can be when she consistently stays the most significant story.

Before they can even settle in, people begin dying. Someone has brought The Executioner and his way of thinking back into the world.

Slasher — Chiller
Slasher — Chiller

There is a theme to the killings happening; each person was being killed according to what cardinal sin they had broken.

*WARNING* If you are squeamish, some of these are quite brutal.

Working with the man who killed her parents, the original Executioner, Sarah soon learns that some secrets are meant to be kept.

For the first season 7/10 Bloody Cleavers.

There were many elements that I was familiar with in the show. The Whodunit aspect was predictable but very enjoyable to see unfold.

Season 2 Guilty Party

This season was released in 2017 and in my opinion, surpassed the first season in story and acting. Now as graphic as the first season was, this one smashes boundaries.

If you are sensitive to blood, gore, or more specifically implied rape, this one is a pass. Like I mentioned earlier this show does take several cues from AHS. This warning applies especially to shock values.

The second season takes us to a summer camp introducing us to some camp counselors who have quite the secret they want to be kept at the end of the summer. Five years pass and the fear of this buried secret being discovered brings them back to the place where their lives changed forever. The reunion of course soon brings screams as someone is intent of their deep secret coming to life and justice being handed out to them.

Slasher — Chiller
Slasher — Chiller

This season I will not spoil at all as it is one of the best overall horror story setups I have seen in a while. The writing is really enjoyable, and I am someone who tries to figure everything out before it is laid bare. I was wrong six times.

There is a lot more cast to this story as two worlds combine, we see our counselors and the commune that has come into being after the camp was shut down. One important thing to know is that this season if full of meaning and it is at the end where the Aha! Light goes off, and you see the bigger story.

Setting The Bar


American Horror Story has set pretty high standards when it comes to the television syndicated series. Slasher I feel however has met that bar.

Slasher — Chiller
Slasher — Chiller

This series, in general, is one of my favorites finds this year and is a must for horror lovers. I am incredibly excited to see what Season 3 holds. The first and second seasons are currently available on Netflix to view.

Let us know what your thoughts are below.

Kendra Hale

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  1. Great review!! AHS is too much blood for me!! I like being scared mentally,but lots of blood isn’t my thing great storyline though!! Shared on all my socials!!😉💖

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