11:11 — 2004

11:11 Movie Review

I always was a horror fan. Just as much as I like good ones with great stories, I enjoy the cheesy ones for a laugh.

Because once I went to the video club — yes, I’m that old and nothing was interesting, I pulled out 11:11.


The Summary

A troubled young woman, haunted by her mother’s ghost, is suddenly confronted by paranormal events which are wreaking havoc on her small college town. She struggles to understand the meaning of these supernatural events…


The Story

The entire story revolves around the time 11:11. At first, Sara Tobias played by Laura Mannell noticed the 11:11 written in blood by her mother’s dead body eighteen years before when the movie starts.

11:11 — 2004
11:11 — 2004

When the supernatural starts getting involve as Sara gets closer to unravel the truth, the viewers wonder what type of paranormal entity might be at work and what is the meaning of it all.

Often, the orphan, Sara waked up to the 11:11 time on her bedside clock, the number keeps showing as the movie move forward in the most awkward way possible. As the number takes over her entire life, more supernatural elements get attached to her life.

Nothing Else On

If you’re looking for a movie that needs to be entirely redone. If you have some time to kill, this is your movie! I’m a little ashamed to say it was made in Canada, but the restraining budget didn’t help. Nothing helped that movie.

11:11 — 2004
11:11 — 2004

Despite coming out in the year 2004, it seems like an old recipe of horror movie that has gone bad. Usually, I do enjoy the cheesy movies and laugh and have a good time; this one was just horrible!

The acting was not right in any way to the point of looking at the wrong camera, predictable lines in wrong timing, also, you can even see some of the equipment for the movie in some shots.

11:11 — 2004
11:11 — 2004

Save yourself the time, don’t watch it, if I remember correctly my husband fell asleep. He doesn’t even remember the movie. So, not even a funny kind of cheesy movie.

The OCD Vampire,
Alexa Wayne

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