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Most Haunted Review

I enjoy paranormal shows on television, those documentaries about researchers who go to places and investigate.

There are some series that I give the benefit of the doubt while others, I watch because it makes Bobenstein, my hubby, sigh. I’m evil like that, mwahaha…


Most Haunted is a British paranormal reality television series. The series was first shown on Living TV between 25 May 2002 and 21 July 2010, a new online edition aired on 31 October 2013 with Really taking over broadcast from August 2014.

Most Haunted - Really TV
Most Haunted – Really TV

Led by Yvette Fielding, the programme investigates purported paranormal activity in many locations in the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland and other countries. It is produced by Antix Productions airing on Really starting from 21 August 2014, with Yvette Fielding, Karl Beattie, and Stuart Torevell.

Most Haunted was first aired on Living TV from 2002 until 2010 when the network decided to axe the programme.


The Antique Hauntings

The show in Canada aired on the T+E Channel every Friday night along other ghost hunting shows. I first was intrigued by the location the team would visit. Sometimes castles, old mansions or domains. The history of the place they would investigate was enough to have me hook to the television to hear about the building.

Most Haunted - Really TV
Most Haunted – Really TV

I am a history nerd, so when the team of Most Haunted would be at places such as the Elizabethan Country House, the London Dungeon and also the Ghost House of Nottingham, I had to watch. The team always went to places that were quite old or were up in the Medieval era which captivated quite a large population and me.

The older the place, the more hauntings one would think, but that isn’t always the case. The more time energy has to be at peace with itself or come to terms with its situation, the lesser the haunting since it might have moved on by the time a team such as Most Haunted would visit.

The Most Haunted Team

The English host from Cheshire, Yvette Fielding, is a producer and actress that seems to have always had an interest for the paranormal. Her biography shows many shows, and series related to the matter and her interest in Most Haunted proved her passion about the field.

Karl Beattie, an English cameraman, and television director was part of the team from the time I’ve watched the show. Stuart Torvell, Yvette’s cousin, worked for Antix Channel at the time and was the camera operator and rigger.

Most Haunted - Really TV
Most Haunted – Really TV

Then, two extremes joined the team. Fred Batt, a demonologist from London, England, who sometimes joins the Most Haunted team and either try experiments or express some personal interest in the case as once his family was related to the mansion they were investigating.

The most interesting one was Glen Hunt, supposedly the “skeptic” of the show. He is the one who doesn’t believe in the paranormal and tries to rationalize everything that surrounds the claims of the building.  Glen often tried to debunk many claims and calm everyone down during an investigation.

Where It Goes Down

Despite their fantastic location throughout Great Britain, from the Medieval era to the Victorian time, something about the show is quite off. You might not find any official word about it from the Most Haunted team, but I dare you to watch an episode and believe what you see.

I watched the show religiously for the historical part of the investigation while the rest for me was pure entertainment. Every single week, Glen would be skeptic about the paranormal claims. If he is there every investigation, every single episode, at some point, the man would’ve made up his mind as to believe in the paranormal or not.

Most Haunted - Really TV
Most Haunted – Really TV

Also, something that triggered my “spidey-senses” was the fact that every episode, the team would have something thrown at them, interactions with ghosts, someone touching them, walking above or below or in another room.

Their investigations are entirely different than what I am used to watching. There are no cameras fixed at a post; all is filmed by holding the device themselves. They then separate in teams and go their own way. There also is no “review” at the end of the show as they review on the spot which makes it harder to agree or not.

The Constant Screaming

You would think after twenty-one season that a team would be used to the paranormal and not scream every time a ghost would come close, throw something or call your name, not this team. The men at the exception of Glen and Fred, screams and cries right in front of the camera out of terror.

Most Haunted - Really TV
Most Haunted – Really TV

Yvette sometimes jumps and screams, but not as frequently as her cousin or the director. Another woman sometimes joins in yet she is so afraid of all ghosts or paranormal matter that you wonder why she voluntarily joined the Most Haunted team.

The Spirit Board

I’ve watched so many paranormal shows that I know for a fact that toying around with a spirit board is quite a bad idea. In Most Haunted, they use the spirit board almost weekly. It is something that does and uses all around a table, and every single time, something physical happens.

Most Haunted - Really TV
Most Haunted – Really TV

The planchette not only moves, but a chair is tossed around, knockings, pullings, anything physical that the camera can catch and is always on film. It is quite impressive that those people manage to get a response from the other side that often, it’s almost like they are a ghost magnet.

Down The Hill

Claiming to have paranormal evidence or to have recorded a ghost is something that can ruin your name in the paranormal investigation field. However, it doesn’t seem to matter to the Most Haunted team who showed footage of an “actual ghost.”

The claim went viral, in the parapsychological field, of course, it almost instantly debunked by people who are enthusiasts about the subject. Even me, who studied graphic and web design was able to see that it was either overexposure or superposition. You can see it for yourself.

Following the debunk of their claim, the team of Most Haunted apologized saying that they made a mistake and should’ve been more careful with their claim and would be from that moment on in the future.

My Thoughts

The show is still quite enjoyable despite the screams and the fake encounters. The locations, the stories, the claims, and the entertainment is worth a watch once in a while. I’d recommend to give it a watch and decide for yourself.

Most Haunted - Really TV
Most Haunted – Really TV

Overall, I’d give it a 4/10 on the paranormal scale. The locations are breathtaking and deserve to be investigated and not faked or laughed at in a paranormal way.

The OCD Vampire,
Alexa Wayne

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  1. I agree with you alexa,it is a entertaining show,I hate when they fake things!! History it’s self is spooky. I watch every show that’s about haunting weither it’s a tv show or history!!! I love anything paranormal!!! My family just laughs at me,but I don’t care!! Shared on all my socials!! Great post!💖😉

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  2. Right here is the perfect site for everyone who wishes to find out about this topic. You understand so much its almost tough to argue with you (not that I personally would want to…HaHa). You definitely put a fresh spin on a subject that’s been written about for years. Excellent stuff, just great!


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