Let The 31 Days of Halloween Begins!

Welcome to Gothic Bite Magazine’s Month Long Halloween Special! Beware of the horror coming your way, in the best and cheesiest form; the Ghoul Family will bring Y’all a fantastic 31 Day supply of spook!

Entertainment Awaits!

For Ghouls like us, October is the best month of the year! I mean, why do you think this OCD Vampire got married to Bobenstein on October 14th last year after 13 years of spooky ever after?

Frankenstein's Monster - Boris Karloff - 1931
Frankenstein’s Monster – Boris Karloff – 1931


For the entire month to come, expect only the best from us! We have a Top 100 Best Horror Movies waiting, a Top 100 Cheesiest Horror Movie already laughing! Every day, the Ghoul Family will provide reviews of the best and cheesiest movies, novels, series, everything entertaining for the Halloween Celebration!

Horror Preview

Nanye and I have visited an old cemetery around where we live where a spooky altar rests. Build of stained rocks, old stairs, and it gave us creepy thoughts. Old and dating back to the early colonization, we wondered how it stayed up and remained untouched by the city.



We’ll be sharing our experience in the cemetery; photography Mellounye took of old tombstones and statues. A chapel, small paths, ruins of an altar, figures and everything to give anyone the creeps. However, for ghouls like us, we had a great time enjoying the quiet and respectful presences in the place.

Spooky Witnesses

We’re ghouls; we’ve had our share of encounters with the paranormal. Some of us would love to share our stories with you and October will be the month for spooky little stories about the unknown and what hides in the dark.


Some of us are entirely different than what would be considered “the norm,” and we’re quite proud of that. Let’s face it if we were “regular people” we wouldn’t be part of Gothic Bite Magazine, and I wouldn’t have come up with the idea of creating the Ghoul Family to bring y’all sorts of fantastic stories!

So, be prepared to hear some ghost stories from us that are real this time! We have quite a few for you!

Creepy Goodies

You read right, what would Halloween be without some gremlin juice, zombie virus and delicious rotten devilled eggs. @allhalekendra, @mellounye, @emberlylilysummers, @lunanyxfrost and I will try to make you some authentic ghoul recipes and show you how it’s done in the Ghoul Family! Halloween is our holiday, and we wait all year to celebrate it for an entire month!

Worm Cakes by Alexa Wayne and Nanye
Worm Cakes by Alexa Wayne and Nanye

Beware that zombies will be used and cut to pieces, but know that they are fully aware of their fate and do not mind to be enjoyed in such gastronomic ways. They do appreciate it themselves quite a bit if you ask the community of zombies.

The Live Video

It is entirely possible that Mellounye and I will live Tweet during our Halloween dinner and have a few pictures to share with all of our readers.

Moon 02

Who knows, maybe we’ll even go ghost haunting? We do live in an ancient town surrounded by spooky woodlands.  Who knows what we can find in our neighborhood?

The Halloween Countdown!

Enjoy our Halloween Special for the entire month! Prepare to be entertained and beware of the horror lurking in the dark corners once the sun goes down. The ghouls are out for the month, and all paranormal has broken loose!

From all of us at Gothic Bite Magazine, enjoy October!

The OCD Vampire,
Alexa Wayne

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