The Impaler Series – Mrs. Blackwood Kat Valentine Review

Simply fabulous. I loved this book, Alexa Wayne is an excellent storyteller!


Mrs. Blackwood

After being attacked by creatures she never thought existed, Coralie woke up to a new life as Mrs. Blackwood and yet, has next to no recollection of getting married. Coralie never thought it possible to fall for someone so fast.

Mansion 01

Her husband, Mr. Blackwood, confessed to be of both vampire and werewolf blood and promised to free her from him once she would be safe from his enemy which they realized was closer than they thought and again, changed Coralie’s life when she learned of her own bloodline.


Mrs. Blackwood is the first instalment in The Impaler series. Nightmares will be unleashed, a monster from the past will be revived while all the He ever wanted will have turned out to be impossible. His illusion was his only mistake.

Life Turned Upside Down

Coralie is a writer who writes about haunted house’s and supernatural beings and one night when she is out walking; vampires suddenly surround her and the world she thought of just fantasy becomes very real.

Mrs. Blackwood Cover by Alexa Wayne
Mrs. Blackwood Cover by Alexa Wayne

“The neck is a very fragile part, and although I wanted for your first time to be on your neck, I wasn’t expecting to be, um, rejected as often as you did, and so the result is now that I’m starving.” Damian Blackwood, Mrs. Blackwood

When Lautaro their leader decides to make Coralie his next meal Damian Blackwood comes to her rescue claiming she’s his wife, but that night is a blur when Coralie awakens in Damian’s home with only bits and pieces of what has happened.

Sideways Too!

There is someone close to Damian who is mind controlling not only Coralie and causing her to fear Damian every time he tries to touch her, and it is affecting his guards and other of his people too!

“You slowly approached me, softly repeating my name, so I let you come closer to me. Never have you mindspelled me, you just came to me with the little trust I was allowing you to have.” — Coralie Bellefleur, Mrs. Blackwood

Is it the head of his guard the caring and quite Ryan or the ex-blood donor and girlfriend, Sarah or has Lautaro found a way to get back at Damian for taking Coralie away from him?

Moon 02

The chemistry between Damian and Coralie is hot. Moreover, no matter how much Coralie fights not to be pulled into Damian’s sensual embrace, she’s falling for this sexy vampire hook, line, and sinker.

I can’t wait to read more from A. Wayne.

Written by Kat Valentine

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One thought on “The Impaler Series – Mrs. Blackwood Kat Valentine Review

  1. Thank you! This looks so good!! I truly loved this book and can t wait to read more from this series!!💖😉

    Shared on all my socials!!


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