Sorrel Weed House — Savannah, Georgia, USA

The Sorrel Weed House

Haunted houses are something’s that have caught the imagination of writers and storytellers for longer than I can say.

Hauntings & Imagination

Everyone seems to like a good haunted house story, in Savannah, we seem to have many such houses that are as haunted as they are historical. Maybe that is what the many ghost tours would like for you to believe.

Sorrel Weed House — Savannah, Georgia, USA
Sorrel Weed House — Savannah, Georgia, USA

There might be something to these stories, many of them have instances that cannot be explained away, no matter how hard the paranormal investigators might try to do so.

The Sorrel Weed house is one such house that is located in downtown Savannah and is considered to be one of the most haunted houses in the US, many residents and visitors have reported strange occurrences that happened to them in this house.

The Most Haunted House

This haunting includes anything from seeing lanterns in the house windows to becoming violently ill after staying inside of the house for too long. This house is also considered to be a museum and part of Savannahs historical and ghost tours.

This house has also been a feature of many television shows, many of which you can find through a simple internet search. Seriously go check out this house! The house is made with some fantastic and merely beautiful architecture that has not only survived the years since it was built but still looks breathtaking to this day.

Sorrel Weed House — Savannah, Georgia, USA
Sorrel Weed House — Savannah, Georgia, USA

Francis Sorrel first built this house in 1935 it would take many years for the house to be finished. The owner first builds other houses near the Sorrel-Weed house, one of which is known as the Green-Meldrim House.

Francis Sorrel later sold the house to Henry Weed who demanded changes to the house that included bricking up the windows so passersby could not see his daughters.
Francis Sorrel’s first wife died early on, even before he built his first house in the area, he would later go on to marry his wife’s younger sister, Matilda, who would come to live in the house with him.


It seems that Francis had his hand in adultery at the time with one of his slaves, he treated his slaved better than most. Though he had one as a mistress for many years, Molly, although of the time it was not uncommon for husbands to have mistresses or commit adultery, Francis’s wife knew nothing about this.

Sorrel Weed House — Savannah, Georgia, USA
Sorrel Weed House — Savannah, Georgia, USA

Upon coming home early and witnessing this for herself, Matilda flew into a jealous rage, and soon flung herself from the second story balcony, killing herself. Weeks after all of this had occurred Molly was found in her bedroom; she had hung herself in her guilt.

Everlasting Sadness

Many believe that she was lead to her suicide by the ghost of Matilda that many had seen wandering around the house and still do to this day. When looking further into the history of the house, evidence shows the site chosen to build the house hid corpses back to the Siege of Savannah.


One of the most gruesome sites of the death toll and family tragedy in the Revolutionary War. Some think that this house is a vortex for all of the evil and death that has occurred there. One thing is for sure; this is another great house to check out when visiting Savannah.

Evilest Gem

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