The Impaler Series – Mrs. Blackwood Review

Mrs. Blackwood was a book that I was honestly wary of in the beginning. I did not deny that the writer had undeniable talent.

Summary of Mrs. Blackwood

After being attacked by creatures she never thought existed, Coralie woke up to a new life as Mrs. Blackwood and yet, has next to no recollection of getting married. Coralie never thought it possible to fall for someone so fast.

Louisiana - New Orleans
Louisiana – New Orleans

Her husband, Mr. Blackwood, confessed to be of both vampire and werewolf blood and promised to free her from him once she would be safe from his enemy which they realized was closer than they thought and again, changed Coralie’s life when she learned of her own bloodline.

The Impaler Series

Mrs. Blackwood is the first instalment in The Impaler series. Nightmares will be unleashed, a monster from the past will be revived while all the He ever wanted will have turned out to be impossible. His illusion was his only mistake.

A Different Romance

Mrs. Blackwood was a book that I was honestly wary of in the beginning. I did not deny that the writer had undeniable talent.

“Fangs? Those people are vampire wannabes. I thought I was in Raleigh, not Transylvania!” — Coralie Bellefleur, Mrs. Blackwood

I should know I have had the honor of being her friend and colleague for some years now. So I wasn’t worried that the yarn I was settling in for would not only be precisely written but that it would have passion and background in it.


No, what made me pause is that over the years I have read just about every genre of romance there is, and they all follow pretty much the same structure.  We meet the main protagonist; something happens to bring love interest into the picture, they conquer some wrong and then move into happiness all the while learning more about each other and of course a steamy romance scene or two.

Does every story cover this structure? No. However, for the most part, you can almost pinpoint these specific storylines and get the light bulb when it does go according to plan.

Bonded To A Vampire

With Mrs. Blackwood this is a bit different; you get the paranormal aspects intertwined with a solid female lead. This story introduces us to Coralie, a young woman who has found herself in quite the situation. She has found herself bonded to one vampire to save her life from four who wanted to and tortuously drain her. Consistently.

Mrs Blackwood by A. Wayne - Buy her novel on Amazon!
Mrs Blackwood by A. Wayne – Buy her novel on Amazon!

“Yes, we bonded. Drops of your blood were in me and I in you.” — Damian Blackwood, Mrs. Blackwood

Damian, our male lead for this story, seems to be on the side for good in the Vampire Court. He sees humans as important and as a partnerships rather than a food source for his kind to feast upon when hungry. However, Damian, as Coralie soon learns, has essential secrets of his own. Ones that he is not so ready to share with her.

With the amount of mystery and betrayal elements that have been thrown in, the pacing of this book was terrific and to be entirely fair it almost didn’t come off as a romance.

However, when it needs to it does with all the steamy intentions that go with it.  This novel was a pleasant and intriguing read that held my attention to the point where it was devoured in a matter of hours.

The Next Story

Now A. Wayne does have several other series that are set to come out that deal with a bevy of different subjects, but this series shows her in her arena. She is home, and she knows it.

Castle 04

This novel is part of a series that I know I will be patient, okay not really, awaiting the next story for these two to star in and where they’re going.

8 out of 10 for me, but it is one that I recommend picking up whether through digital or in physical form.

Kendra Hale

2 thoughts on “The Impaler Series – Mrs. Blackwood Review

  1. Thank you so much for this review. It means the world to me and I am so grateful to have you not only work for Gothic Bite Magazine, but also for being as of now, a Beta Reader of mine. ❤


  2. Awesome review kendra!!! I couldn’t agree more!!! I loved this book,and I hope to see more about these characters and their court!!!💖😉
    Shared on all my socials!!💖😉


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