Vampire Community – Lady Luna and the Richmond Court

Each month we sit down, virtually of course, with someone within the Vampire Community, and we talk about their views and their opinions on matters that are currently going on among the community itself.

This month we are talking with Lady Luna and the Richmond Court.

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Artemis Dai (AD): Lady Luna you are a self-described Sang and Psy mix. Can you tell our readers what this means for those that don’t understand how you feed?

Lady Luna (LL): I feed off both energy and blood. I can take energy from the world around me through psychic means and energy from the blood.

AD: How long have you known that you were a vampire, or do you prefer the term Sang?

LL: I awakened March of this year. I use the term vampyre because it’s who I am.

AD: What defines you as a Lady in the Vampire Community?

LL: My mate’s title is Lord Regent. Out of respect for his title, it would be proper to call me Lady.

Artemis Dai Photography COPYRIGHT


AD: As a member of a court how do you feel that vampires should act when they, we are around those that aren’t aware of us when some say hide your, our true nature others say flaunt it. What is your opinion and why?

LL: I say it’s better to keep the veil. It’s carried us this far for a reason.

AD: Do you hold yourself to a higher standard and would you elaborate?

LL: I hold myself to a very high standard. I don’t like to live my life as a sitcom. I don’t like to associate myself with all the drama going on.

AD: There has been much controversy within the Vampire Community as well as animosity between houses, courts. As a member of a court, how do you feel about this?

LL: We, in the court of Richmond, keep our problems within our walls. William and I don’t like all the drama that has occurred recently.



AD: Many vampires, most people in general, follow a spiritual path. Do you follow a spiritual path, or do you identify with any one religion?

LL: I identify as Christian. However, I am not an overly religious zealot. I follow the verse “Love others as I have loved you.” I believe hating others solely on religious differences is wrong.

AD: Do you believe that vampires have a magic all their own?

LL: Yes. We have vampyric rituals.

AD: As a member of the Vampire Community you often see people in different groups stating they are the daughters of *Dracula or the cousin to Lilith. How do you respond to claims like these?

LL: I think they can believe what they want, but they are not Vampyres. Lilith was a succubus, and Dracula never claimed to be a vampire.

Wine Glass
Wine Glass


AD: What would you tell someone who came to you asking for advice about becoming a vampire?

LL: Mundanes cannot be turned into vampyres. It is a gift we are born with therefore cannot be taught.

AD: Any advice you’d give to fledglings out there, those genuinely looking for answers and afraid to ask questions?

LL: Do not be afraid to reach out to those above you. They will be happy to teach you what they know. Also, never stop learning.

AD: As always thank you very much for taking the time to enlighten our readers.

* Dracula: Lady Luna was, I believe, referring to Vladislav Basarab Tepes III also known as Vlad the Impaler. She is right, he had never claim to be a vampire and it has never been proven that he had drank the blood of his enemies.

Artemis Dai

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