The Phantom of the Opera on Broadway

The year is 1986. The scene is inside of Her Majesty’s Theatre, as the lights start to dim anticipation builds.

The orchestra has started their warm up notes and there is a hint of small murmurs throughout the crowd as they move restlessly ready for the show to start.  It’s The Phantom of the Opera on Broadway.

Angel of Music

The theatre is alive and ready, they clamour as suddenly and boldly the first notes hit. Bum…bum bum bum bum ba , it hits hard and fast.

The Phantom of the Opera — 2004
The Phantom of the Opera — 2004

The musicians know their craft and the music comes to life as they do a quick run through mash of some of the songs that after this night would become history. Would be heard and known, sung around the world. A Broadway that will change the music world forever.

The Phantom has arrived

When The Phantom of the Opera opened in 1986 the leading cast was the ethereal talented songbird Sarah Brightman as Christine and the devastatingly handsome and haunting voice of Michael Crawford as the Phantom himself.

Phantom of the Opera - Broadway 1986
Phantom of the Opera – Broadway 1986

Just two years later these two would find themselves opening on Broadway. This show would reign supreme for years to come. Sarah and Michael quite literally left the world breathless.

The music, written by the absolute genius, Andrew Lloyd Webber, like many of his shows, has touched millions of lives. It is easily recognizable regardless of the song.

Music of the Night


While yes there have been other forms of media that have brought this story to life, for me the most impactful has always been the original Broadway that set the bar and standard. It is hard to compare to the perfection that stands above all.

Phantom of the Opera - Broadway 1986
Phantom of the Opera – Broadway 1986

So my dear readers speak to me, Your Angel of Music. What is your favorite version of the sorrowful tale of the lonely Phantom? What song touches your soul and makes you sing along?

Kendra Hale

6 thoughts on “The Phantom of the Opera on Broadway

  1. Awesome review!!! I would love to have seen this live in Broadway!!! I love Michael Crawford’s voice it’s so beautiful!!! I love Music of the night ,one of my fave songs of all time!!😉💖
    Shared on all my socials!!

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