432 Abercorn Street - Savannah - Georgia

432 ABERCORN Street

There are many ghost stories in Savannah, some more terrifying than others. Some are just downright disturbing to read and learn about and has you wonder about them being real. Here is the legend about 432 Abercorn Street…

General Wilson

One of those such stories is the tale of the little girl who was tied to a chair and left to die, rotting away day by day. In my research, I could not find out the daughter’s name just the father’s name, General Wilson.

General Wilson’s wife died in the Yellow Fever epidemic that ravaged Savannah in 1876. The General was left to raise his daughter alone.

432 Abercorn Street - Savannah - Georgia
432 Abercorn Street – Savannah – Georgia

There were many victims of the Yellow Fever in Savannah Georgia; this state was one of the hardest hit by this epidemic. Her ghost is said to now haunt the house, along with her father General Benjamin J. Wilson, who was a veteran of the Civil War and who died years after his daughter of natural causes.

Local Legend

Many things are interesting about this story, the fact that a little girl did die in the building, and that her death along with the death of her father is recorded. In this local legend, it is said that the General used to punish his daughter by making her stay sitting in a chair overlooking the nearby school.

432 Abercorn Street - Savannah - Georgia
432 Abercorn Street – Savannah – Georgia

He disapproved of his daughter playing with the other kids in the nearby playground, so her punishment would be to sit for hours in front of the window watching the other children as they played.

It went on for a time day by day she had to sit in the chair, with the sun’s rays glaring down upon her. It is said that she succumbed to heat exhaustion due to the long hours inside The House in front of the closed window.

No One Left


According to legends neither the father nor the daughter has left 432 Abercorn, still residing inside of it to this day. The little girl has been seen still sitting in the window to this day, by various people.

There have even been pictures taken of her and her father, that are available to view online, without much difficulty.

432 Abercorn Street - Savannah - Georgia
432 Abercorn Street – Savannah – Georgia

Many more locals over the years have come forward about this strange and spooky house; some are even unable to walk past it. Instead of choosing to walk another route, the negative feelings the house emits are said to make residents uneasy and even sick.

This house has many mysterious, spooky and some downright tragic occurrences that all happen inside of the house. In 1959 a family was visiting Savannah for a time, they needed a local doctor, so they stayed at this house for a time.

The Massie School 1889
The Massie School 1889

The family included a father with four daughters. One night the father left for a short time, he came back to a horrific scene, three of his four daughters had been murdered. No one was caught regarding these murders; no one even knew what happened to them.

Evilest Gem

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