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This week, we are sharing the fantastic work of the author part of the Ghoul Family, Evilest Gem. It is for your spooky eyes to enjoy!

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Little Faces

Evilest Gem

Little Tiffany was a quiet girl, always playing by herself, this worried her parents greatly. Even when they took her to the playground to play with all of the other little kids, she kept to herself. She was never mean or rude to the other kids she just preferred to be left alone. She felt that she could make her own fun and that she didn’t need anyone else to entertain herself.

Even at home, she preferred to stay in her bedroom, quietly playing and chatting with her toys, her own little worlds were made up in her head. She liked it when her mother left her alone to play and got angry or even frustrated when her mother wanted to her spend time with her or her father.

Tiffany was very intelligent in school since she was now in first grade she loved to go and learn, that was the only time that she would sit and pay attention to others. She didn’t interact with the other children though and would drift away from them at recess. Preferring to play in the sandbox all by herself, she didn’t understand why the other kids felt the need to run around chasing each other. That seems like a great waste of time and energy to her.

Little Tiffany did so well in school that at times, her teacher would have to make up work or lessons that were more advanced than the other kids did. If she tried to teach her the same things as the other children, she would get bored fast. Her teacher Ms. Silve tried time and time again to get her parents to put her in special classes or even advance her grade. But they refused all offers and advice they felt that their daughter would do much better with her social development if she were around kids her age. They wanted her to act more like her age, rather than the strange ways that she acted now.

Doll 01

More and more her parents tried to get her to open up and enjoy spending time with kids her age. But the more they tried this, the angrier it made Tiffany, why couldn’t her parents understand that she wanted to be left alone? Her mother scolded her time and time again when she drifted away from other kids and played alone. It got so bad her dad would get verbally abusive with her if she spent any time alone, she had to sneak off if she wanted to be alone, even then though she knew that she would eventually be found and dragged back.

Over the next few weeks, her parents started punishing her for her need to be alone. That was where she was happy why didn’t they understand that and like her for the way that she was? She couldn’t understand why they were not happy with her the way that she was, was she a bad kid for wanting to play alone? Why was spending time with other kids so important to them?

Little Tiffany cried and cried alone in her bed at night, wishing and wishing that she could just be herself and happy. It was not to be though; she learned this when her punishments started to become more and more severe, so bad in fact that she would spend hours in a chair in the kitchen. Staring at the blank white wall in front of her, this was both something she enjoyed and something she hated. She now got her alone time, but she only got to stare at the wall. No toys were around her, nothing but her mind, nothing with to interact.

She started imagining faces on the wall, over and over the bits of dried paint; the random splatters made-up faces, each of them different, with different voices and personalities. After so long these faces started to talk to her, sing to her, they slowly, oh so slowly, became real to her. Every face had its personality. Not every one of them was as nice to her as she would have liked, but they became her new toys.

Her punishment was no longer a real punishment. No, it became a joy for her, something she liked to do. It became such a joy for her; she would act bad on purpose just to get punished in this way. The only problem was that her parents decided her punishment and they didn’t always choose to punish her this way.

She quickly realized that her parents decided her very life and entertainment, everything she was allowed to do, this felt very unfair to her. This made her very angry but what could she do? These people were her life, they decided what she would do, wear, or even eat. She had to obey them, or else their punishments would get worse, oh so much worse.

Haunted House
Haunted House

Little Tiffany learned this when she was four; you see she didn’t use to be an only child. No, she and her parents had a dark secret, she used to have a big brother. He was everything to her, like most little girls with a big brother she looked up to him, she didn’t realize it at the time, but she idealized him.

Only her parents were not so happy with him, he, like his sister was different, he didn’t have her brains, but he had a simple love of life. All thing in it he loved, but what he loved the most was being a little princess, not a prince, he wanted to be the girl. Unfortunately, that was one thing that his mother and father hated; there was nothing they hated more than looking bad to others.

They would beat her brother for the slightest thing, anything and everything, they just wanted this poor boy to feel pain. You see when he had his seventh birthday party, it was a big day for everyone in the family. Little Tiffany’s parents were so happy, their little boy their angel was growing up so fast right in front of their eyes, their face shined with joy and happiness.

They invited everyone to the party, family, and friends all over the neighborhood. They wanted everyone to enjoy this big day with them. Their son had a surprise for everyone; he had secretly asked a friend of the family to get him a princess dress, with the prettiest tiara that they could find. The family friend had been more of a family member in the recent years, spending so much time with the family that he babysat the boy almost every day.

He loved the little boy so much and wanted him to be happy, so he agreed to get these things for the little boy. He got all dressed up in his pretty dress, with his Tiara and ballet slippers, he never felt happier or prettier. In his mind, he was a real princess, and this was his day, he was so excited to show his mom and dad they would see this time. They were going to love it! He thought of grabbing some of his mothers’ lipstick and makeup putting it all on; he was a truly beautiful boy. He pursed his lips like he saw his mother do time and time again. He couldn’t wait to show his little sister as well; Tiffany would love it!

The little boy raced out of the bathroom and down the hall, as fast as his little legs would carry him, laughing and shouting in joy. He saw his parents and all of his family and friends all gathered together in the same big room. His house was big so big that it was a real effort to run from the bathroom all the way here and now he was a little out of breath.

Nightmare 01

So, distracted he was by all of the presents and a big cake, with how he was also trying to catch his breath. That he missed his parent’s faces, the looks of pure horror that quickly changed to rage. They were sure to mask it fast, so no one noticed not even the little boy. He had no idea what was in store for him once all of the guests were gone.

Little Tiffany felt tears run down her face at the memories that were now circling in her head; she was too young to understand what happened that night. Her parents told the officers and paramedics that he must have slipped and hit his head, falling into their pool. He was a good swimmer and even taught Tiffany how to swim. She knew he wouldn’t have drowned on his own; he was also sure to be very careful around the pool so as not to slip.

Always taking precautions, even going as far as to wear his swim shoes. After he slipped one time and banged up his knee, he did not trust himself not to fall again. He would not take the chance of getting hurt while swimming with his younger sister. She knew what had happened to him; she was not supposed to though she knew that. She just wasn’t dumb; and though she did not see what happened, she only heard the screams of her parents yelling at her brother, using words that she did not yet understand.

Her times with the imagined faces grew to be the only time that she had, the only peace that she got. Over the next few months, her parents imagined ways to punish her for now completely contrived things, things that she never even did. She would try and tell them that she didn’t do these things, but they never believed her. They soon started punishing her psychically, it started with spankings but soon evolved, as these things do. Her spankings became more, and she started wearing long sleeves to school. Her teachers would comment on them; she would tell them that she was cold.

On and on this kept up, the face’s started talking to her more and more, even outside of her punishment time. They seemed to always be in her head, making even sleeping at times very difficult. Some of the face’s listened to her when she said she was tired, but others did not listen and also seemed not to care.

These were the ones that she did not like; they were also mean to her, whispering to her that she deserved it when her father got particularly bad. The other faces would whisper encouragement when at these times, helping her to try to escape into the little world in her head.

It was on a particularly bad day that her father thought of a new way to punish her, she was scared, so scared. The things that he was pulling out and lining up for her to see, she knew what their purpose was supposed to be. But she did not yet understand how these things could be used on her to punish her. The face’s, the mean ones gave her ideas, the other told her to run, they screamed it at her.


She did not listen in time though and spent the next few hours in so much pain, that she did not understand how she was still alive. How was she going to hide this? She thought, when her father grunted and walked away. Her arms hurt too bad, and so did the bottoms of her feet, so bad in fact that she knew she wouldn’t be walking anytime soon.

Her mother was nowhere to be found, neither of her parents was interested in her now that it was over. She tried and tried to limp to the bathroom but was unable to get there. She fell against the wall; no more tears fell from her eyes. The bad face’s the ones she tried to ignore started whispering things to her, the things they told her were worse than ever before. In her pain and shock, her numbness she passed out right there against the wall, not two feet from where her father just tortured her.

She came to herself in silence the complete absence of sound, picking herself up from the ground. Noticing that her feet no longer hurt her and that she was sitting in something wet and sticky. She stumbled when she got up, unable to understand what happened and how she got there.

She felt along the wall, trying to find a light switch, and once she did she quickly turned it on. Only to stare in shock at what she saw, over and over her mind tried to understand what she was seeing. She screamed when her mind finally unraveled the scene in front of her.

Her parents would no longer hurt her; they would no longer hurt anyone.

Evilest Gem

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