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GOOSEBUMPS! Say Cheese And Die! Review by Kendra Hale

This novel is one of my top five books that I adored from the original series. It was also one that I looked forward to as I came back to read these stories as an adult.

One of the main reasons why that is is the belief that cameras have the power to steal away parts of our souls or essences completely enthralls me.

Now, the GOOSEBUMPS #5 by R.L. Stine, Say Cheese And Die! Review by Kendra Hale!

Original 1992 Summary

Greg thinks there is something wrong with the old camera he and his friends found. The photographs keep turning out wrong. Very wrong. Like the snapshot Greg took of his father’s new car that shows it totalled.

And then Greg’s father is in a nasty wreck. But Greg’s friends don’t believe him. Shari even makes Greg bring the camera to her birthday party and take her picture. Only Shari’s not in the photograph when it develops. Is Shari about to be taken out of the picture permanently? Who is going to take the next fall for… the evil camera?

That gives Goosebumps!

Cameras Eat Your Soul

Believing a camera keeps a part of the soul is a belief that is held by many cultures both past and present. One of the most well-known cases of this belief is that of Chief Crazy Horse of the Oglala Lakota. Moreover, this was a man who believed this was true so very strongly that not only did he want no photos of him in life, but also in death.

That being said this is a book that involves an evil camera. A camera that once it has taken a photo of you, something terrible is going to happen. Not as a maybe but as a definite. With all that information at hand, let us begin.

Spooky Photography

Four friends, Greg Banks, Shari Walker, Doug Arthur, and Michael Warner, wonder what they should do during a dreary summer day in their city, Pitts Landing. After several ideas have fallen flat, the four agree to sneak into the mysterious Coffman House, an old dilapidated building that is said to be haunted. The building is also home to a strange man nicknamed, Spidey.

Goosebumps - Say Chees and Die! by R.L. Stine
Goosebumps – Say Chees and Die! by R.L. Stine

While exploring the basement, Greg finds a camera hidden inside a compartment in the wall. Greg is interested in photography, so he picks up the camera. He asks Michael to pose for a picture. Michael leans on a staircase railing to get a good shot. The moment Greg takes a photo, the railing breaks, and Michael falls to the ground hurt.

The kids start to hear random noises in the house and race out to get away. Greg takes Michael’s photograph and the camera with him. When the group stops running, they inspect Michael’s photograph. To everyone’s surprise, Michael’s picture shows him falling instead of leaning on the railing.

However, this is neither the first nor the last time that the camera foretells of bad things to come. While not dishing out immediate consequences, anyone or thing that has a photo taken ends up hurt. Alternatively, in one case missing completely.

Greg soon realizes that the camera is not standard and not to be messed with, but he and his friends must find a way to return it. It is during that time that they learn why what seemed like such a fun item has such gruesome results.

What’s Next!


This read was terrific to do again as I remembered this one giving me the creeps as a kid. I adored rereading it, and it gets a solid 5 stars from me for enjoyment alone.

Next on our list is Let’s Get Invisible! Check back with us next week to learn whether or not our version of the Invisible cloak is anywhere near as fun.

Kendra Hale

3 thoughts on “GOOSEBUMPS! Say Cheese And Die! Review by Kendra Hale

  1. Awesome review!! I read this whole series to my nephew and this was both one of our favorites!!! Cool cover, real scary spooky!! Shared on all my socials!!💜😉

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  2. Hmm is anyone else encountering problems with the pictures on this blog loading? I’m trying to figure out if its a problem on my end or if it’s the blog. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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