My First Blog Interview

When I was younger and read R.L. Stine then upgraded to Stephen King, I wished I could become an author just like them. I wanted to be a published author and come up with stories just like them.

Creating Haven

I lost hope, gained it back, gave up, picked the pen up, and finally, I got my first blog interview as a published author.

When I wrote my first novel that would be published, Mrs. Blackwood, I decided to come up with something a little different, Gothic Bite Magazine.

The webzine blog would become a place where articles about legends and folklore would be shared among other articles such as music reviews and interviews with indie writers, best selling ones, editors and artists.

The Lord Impaler Series - Book 1 - Mrs. Blackwood by Alexa Wayne aka Arielle Lyon
The Lord Impaler Series – Book 1 – Mrs. Blackwood by Alexa Wayne aka Arielle Lyon

I wanted to make Gothic Bite Magazine a haven for those who needed some exposure to show their talent and brilliant ideas. Armed with my writers, we created quite a blog in a few amounts of months and soon after, authors and digital assistants would come to me to have their clients or authors interviewed.

Imagine my surprise when I was approached by Fiona Mcvie when she asked if she could interview me! It was about to be the first time for me to be on the other side of the screen answering questions.

Crossing A Mirror

When I was asked, I’m sure Fiona didn’t know the impact it would have, it reminded me how hard I’ve worked since I was twelve years old to achieve the dream of becoming a published author. I grew up told I had to shut down my imagination, that I had to be normal and settle for a normal life.

AuthorsInterview with Alexa Wayne 2018-09-10
AuthorsInterview with Alexa Wayne 2018-09-10

When answering her questions, I thanked heaven to have allowed me to stay the black sheep and the rebel. I’ve been writing ten to twelve hours per day for a very long time, spend two to four hours a day on social media to build up my name and Gothic Bite Magazine’s. I’ve spent hours researching my novels, and it paid off.

Answering those questions was the sweetest moment of my life. I made it. I might not be a best-selling author… yet. I might not be the perfect author either or have a considerable reader’s following, but I have three novels published and I just did my first blog interview as an author and no one can take it away from me.

Thank you Fiona Mcvie of AuthorsInterviews

The OCD Vampire,
Arielle Lyon

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