1820 Savannah The Yellow Fever Epidemic

Yellow fever is a viral infection transmitted by a bite from infected mosquitoes most commonly found in parts of South America and Africa.

When transmitted to humans, the yellow fevervirus can damage the liver and other internal organs and be potentially fatal. — WebMD.com

Now here is the story of 1820, Savannah, the Yellow Fever Epidemic.

Meanwhile In Georgia

Downtown Savannah, Georgia is where all of the histories is, it is also where most of the historic architecture can be found. So many houses that are gorgeous in design and all of them flow together to make that part of Savannah one of my favorite parts to visit.

Not to live though, if you are thinking of moving in and living in downtown Savannah, you are looking at pricey renting and even more expensive if you are looking to buy.

Savannah, Georgia, USA
Savannah, Georgia, USA


The good thing about all of this though is that you are right around everything, riding your bike around everywhere you need to go. Rather than driving your car might be an excellent way to think about getting around.

They even have a bike taxi that is available you can rent, each of these bike taxis are also prepared to give you a rundown of the historical landmarks and history that you will be riding around and passing by.

Savannah, Georgia, USA
Savannah, Georgia, USA


There is also SO much history that it is not surprising that some of it has been forgotten in time, and only remembered much later when it was shockingly dug up.

The Epidemic


So much so was the case with Savannah Georgia’s Yellow Fever epidemic, this was a widespread problem throughout most of the US. However, it was even more so in our southern states, which were prime breeding grounds for the mosquitoes that were the prime carriers for this disease.

It is so wet and hot here that the mosquitoes on a good year are almost too much to stand. However, it is not only the worlds most annoying bug that you have to look out for, the gnats are almost as bad, and they also bite.

Yellow Fever Virus

Due to this widespread epidemic, many died at such a rapid rate that burying the bodies individually was not an option. So, the citizens like many before them that had to deal with such widespread death chose to dump the bodies all together in colossal burial pits.

The tally count for one such burial site was 700 bodies all dumped together to rest in peace. But not all of those souls feel like they should rest in peace. In the Colonial Park Cemetery, the site of the most significant body dumps found.

Ghost City
Ghost City


They say that the grave site is so haunted that many go out there to see if they can talk to the dead who refuse to rest in peace. Dancing lights, cold spots, haunting voices, and unusual mists have been only some of the strange occurrence’s that happen in this site.

Your Swamp Witch,
Evilest Gem

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