Silent Hill Teaser by Konami

The Silent Hill Playable Teaser

I’m going to start this review off by letting all of you know some essential information about this game demo.

There is no way of playing it unless you already have it downloaded on your PS4. Here’s for The Silent Hill playable teaser!

The Walkthrough

You can watch the walkthrough videos on YouTube; they generally last a good forty-five minutes from start to finish. Unfortunately, this horrific masterpiece will never see the light of day again as Konami has officially canned it. Fans everywhere wept, and I will tell you why in this review.

Silent Hill Teaser by Konami
Silent Hill Teaser by Konami

For any of you that don’t know, Silent Hill was a Survival Horror game created by Konami back on the original PlayStation in January of 1999. The company was trying to add its chapter to the interactive horror movies that gamers had begun to discover after the likes of Resident Evil.

The game was a hit, and quickly a following began. Not too long after the first, the second game in the series landed, but this time on the brand new PS2 in 2001. Over the years the series had fallen on hard times, the stories just weren’t there for many fans, or they had taken a different direction in the gameplay. Either way, fans had seemingly had enough of Silent Hill, that was until August 12th 2014.

Silent Hill Teaser by Konami
Silent Hill Teaser by Konami

Konami released the demo we all knew as PT to an unsuspecting fan base, none of them knew what they were getting themselves into until it was over. They only then realized that they had just played through a demo of the next instalment of Silent Hill.

This one was to be titles Silent Hills and would have been directed by Hideo Kojima of Metal Gear Solid fame and Guillermo Del Toro, a phenomenal director with many a fantastic film under his belt like Hellboy, Blade II and pans Pan’s Labyrinth.

These two set about turning the Silent Hill series on its ear, and from the demo I had the privilege of playing, they would have done it.

First Person Teaser


PT had become something completely different. This time it began with you knowing nothing about your surroundings or about what was going on. This time it was in the first person, a first for the series, which was partnered with hyper-realistic graphics to make it the creepiest thing I have ever played. Yeah, a demo.

Silent Hill Teaser by Konami
Silent Hill Teaser by Konami

Now, I’m not going tell you about it; I’m going to tell you to watch this being played and see for yourself. Hollywood could learn a few things from this little game. Sadly, Konami has no plans of resurrecting the game, nor bringing back either of its directors.

So, YouTube is the best we can do for this one. Still, its more than worth it, especially with Halloween fast approaching.

Silent Hill PT 03

My review, a perfect horror movie in a  forty-five minute game demo, one we will sadly never get to see finished.

Playstation ID: BatEd700

Edward Hale

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