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Gothic Bite Magazine is now opening their gates to all authors who would enjoy sharing their work with the public. We welcome all writers, from the enthusiasts to the professionals.

This week, we are sharing the fantastic work of the published author and now part of the Ghoul Family, T.A. Patterson. Part of the Bloody Chronicles, the first chapter is now for your spooky eyes to enjoy!


by T.A. Patterson aka EvilestGem


Chapter One

I enjoy doing this too much to stop, they never realize how easy it is for me and for others like me to get them when they least expect it. Now I am standing outside of his house, such a pretty family he has, men think that women would rather poison them than take a knife to their bodies.

That is not the case with me, I enjoy it entirely too much to ever stop, this man, he looks so nice, so perfect. But I have seen his lies, I have witnessed what he puts his wife and kids through, you might call me a monster, but I have nothing on this man. He is the true monster, and its my joy to bring some of that pain and terror to his door step, let him live in the terror that only I can create for him.

Monster - Vampire
Monster – Vampire

It will start with his mind slowly over time, piece by piece. It will happen, so slowly at first that he will think that he is just seeing things. Or that his mind is playing tricks on him, I will enjoy every bit of his fear. Every second of his confusion, and fear, everything until eventually all he will feel is horror. Only then will I take my knife to him, and I will enjoy that too. Some might say a little too much, but I will enjoy it none the less.

I watch as his wife sets the table, it’s a nice meal really. I can smell it, they don’t even realize that I am now in the house, standing in the same room as them. They don’t see me, I am only seen by my victims and even then, only when I want to be. Only when it is too late for them to escape me and my madness. His children are being so careful, I know that that’s not going to be enough. I can tell that he is gearing himself up towards what he is going to do, drink after drink. He downs them. Finally, his wife just sets his liquor bottle next to him, its now easier for him to work himself up. She is only trying to placate him, make him happy, but she doesn’t realize that nothing will make this man happy. No matter what she does, tonight will end in pain and suffering. His or theirs, one way or another someone is going to be terrorized tonight.

This man hates the world, his self-entitlement, jealousy, and greed will be his eventual downfall. Well, it would have been if not for me. Now I will be his downfall, in the end, I will be his god. I feel a smile stretch across my face, I know that if I were to look into a mirror, I would see myself as I am. Teeth that look more like razors, crookedly set into my mouth. Mouth stretched to an impossible length, my smile almost from ear to ear. Only falling a few short inches from being ear to ear, my dirty long black hair, a straight length down my back. My hands no loner fingers, but rather long blades, bloodily attached to my hands. Blood from my victims still clinging to my body, I love the way it looks on my skin, why wash it off?

Every time I look in the mirror I remind myself that I did this to myself, I made myself a monster, and I loved every damn minute of it. Better to be the monster than to be the victim, I am no one’s victim.

“GOD DAMMIT CATHERINE!” The man screams at his wife, throwing the bottle at her head, he misses but only because the woman has enough sense to be ready and ducks just in time. I know that this is not the first time he has thrown things at her and the children. I look over at them to see that they have frozen, eyes wide in horror. They never know what to do when their father goes on a rampage, they try and try, it is never good enough. Nothing is.

“You can’t do anything, the right can you? Your worthless you and those worthless children. Here I am stuck with you all. I fucking can’t even stand it.” He voice gets louder and just keeps getting crueler and crueler. You can tell that he is gearing up to do something truly awful to his family. The ones that he is supposed to love and care for, tomorrow he will say he is sorry. He will apologize prettily and give them gifts. Convincing these innocent children that they are the ones that deserved it, that he only did this because they needed him to. I might just enjoy this more than I have enjoyed anything for a long time, it has been so long since someone has called my name. Whispered it sweetly begging me to come and kill them, or to take the pain away. He doesn’t know it, but his oldest daughter has tried to kill herself many times, hearing stories at her school she heard about me.

She called to me so sweetly begging me to end her pain, I thought about it, but then I felt her father. The amount of evil that he gives off was just too much to pass on, so I decided to leave her for now. I might kill her later, once her father is dead, let her dwell on the guilt and misery and then end her life. I haven’t decided yet, I am very changeable I just can’t help it.

I watch as the mother tried to get the children to leave the room, trying to save them from him, but he doesn’t let that happen. Of course, he doesn’t let that happen, that would be giving over control to her, she really should know better by now. Or even simply murdered him in his sleep, I do not understand why so many let themselves be victims. I never had a problem killing people whenever I felt like it, and she will not even kill him when he deserves it.

She tries to stop him, but he is too busy beating his youngest son to pay any attention to her, that poor child has his entire focus. I have to smile because now it is my turn, and it’s his turn to be the victim.

It has now been two weeks of nonstop mind fucks for Mr. Daniels, Dane to all of his friends, not that he has any real friends. The poor man is cracking bit by bit piece by piece. No longer is it safe for him to look into mirrors, he only see’s what I want to in them. They are my realm, so I can make him see anything that I want for him to see. Like the death of his mother, the only person he ever really cared for, over and over again, in more and more terrible ways. The first time I made him witness his mother’s death, at his father’s hands, he denied it, thought it was all a trick. That is when he started talking to his self. The Second or was it the third time? When he witnessed it again, he yelled and cursed at me, so angry so full of rage. He turned that rage onto his wife that night and broke one of her arms.

For a while there his moods fluctuated between grief and violent rages. But as the days went by his rage turned into grief, he made his wife and children cover all of the mirrors in the house every single one. They think that he is going crazy, the side looks that they give him are now filled with even more fear. What will a crazy man who is losing touch with reality do once he finally snaps?

He hates it when I stand over his bed, and touch him, nothing too bad, simply light scratches, the one’s that leave little blood trails. Or slaps on his face to wake him up. He is the only one who hears my screams and laughs. The horrible little whispers of what I am going to do to him, once I finish playing with him of course. This would be my favorite part of all of this if I didn’t enjoy what comes next so very much.

It has now been two weeks, and five days, I stopped letting him sleep for more than brief instances, five days ago. Once I hit the two week mark I stepped up my game, I was starting to get bored. He now doesn’t even have time to terrorize his family, it is all ME all day long. His wife took the kids and left two days ago, he didn’t even notice them packing up all of their things and running. They ran out of here like the scared little rabbits that they are. I waved goodbye to his daughter, I have decided I will be seeing her soon.

Mr. Daniels is now sitting on the floor of his bathroom holding himself and rocking back and forth. I think its time to end all of this playing, I have gotten bored. Someone else is now calling to me anyway, so sweetly calling to me. Looks like I am going to have a little more fun in this realm.


Moon 02

I am losing my fucking mind, I know it, I just can’t do anything about it. I have tried and tried, I just can’t stop seeing those horrible visions. My father did kill my mother, but not like that, he simply strangled her. While I sat there and watched, I loved her, but maybe he was right? Maybe she deserved it for trying to leave him. Those visions though, the ones in the mirror. They are not true, THAT DIDN’T HAPPEN!

“If you are going to kill me just DO IT!!” I scream at the covered-up mirror, I don’t dare uncover it. I don’t want to see what she makes me see, this ghost or apparition. I don’t know what she is. Just that she makes me see the most terrible things. I just tighten my hold on my legs tighter

“If you just leave me alone, I will stop all of it, I wont touch Catherine or the kids again I SWEAR IT!!” Her only response is a sick laugh. Her laughter was annoying at first. Now it’s terrifying because I know nothing will stop her. It’s the waiting that’s driving the nail in the coffin. The waiting for her to finally make her move that is what is the worst out of all that she has done so far.

“You are not going to let me leave here alive, are you?” I ask resigned to my fate.

“Now you are getting it.” She whispers almost sweetly in my ear. “I am going to kill you, skin you alive, slowly peel the skin off of your face. I will take my time with you. Then I will bathe in your blood, quite literally while you scream in agony.” With her response I can’t help it, I start to cry.

“I thought that you would be more fun than this, but you’re not. Just a sad, pathetic man. I wish I went after your daughter instead of you now. She would have been more enjoyable to torment than you are.” I let out a scream, once she shows herself to me. Her face, her face!

“Like what I have done to myself? Don’t worry this will be the last thing you see before you die, I will ensure it.” She states as her horrible smile stretches almost to her ears. I am frozen in horror. She leans forward close to me face, and then swipes her knives dragging them down my face, harder than she has ever done before. I feel my face split open and my blood start to trickle down my face. I let out a short scream.

“Just a teaser, now it is time to make you truly scream.” She laughs grabbing my leg and starts dragging me to the mirror, ripping off the cover.

“NO!” I yell trying to get her to release my leg. She just smiles at me and continues to drag me into the mirror. I look on in horror as my foot follows her through. I scramble trying to find something, anything to hold onto. But there is nothing, I am soon swallowed by the mirror.

“Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary.” I hear singing all around me as my true torment starts. “Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary.” The sick song continues on long past my death.


Bloody Mary is a folklore legend consisting of a ghost, phantom, or spirit conjured to reveal the future. She is said to appear in a mirror when her name is chanted repeatedly.

The Bloody Mary apparition may be benign or malevolent, depending on historic variations of the legend. The Bloody Mary appearances are mostly “witnessed” in group participation play. — Wikipedia

T.A. Patterson aka EvilestGem

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