Horror - Eye

Sandman, A Poem

The idea of someone throwing sand in my eyes to have one fall asleep is a creepy thought. Isn’t it?

Scary Granulated Stones

There are not many monsters that scares me, however, when it comes to the Sandman I feel quite disturbed.

He comes in your room at night, throws sand into your eyes and makes you believe it’s for good dreams and yet, I used to have night terrors.

To me, growing up, the Sandman was nothing more that a dreadful evil dust merchant.

Sprinkles of Sand

The Sandman is a traditional character in many children’s stories and books. In Scandinavian folklore, he is said to sprinkle sand or dust on or into the eyes of the child at night to bring on sleep and dreams. The grit or “sleep” in one’s eyes upon waking is the supposed result of the Sandman’s work the previous night.

Wikipedia, Scandinavian Folklore
Horror - Eye
Horror – Eye

The Sandman

He is coming through the dilapidated alley
slowly he’s coming to your window and watches the prey.
So if you look at his gaze, you will fall in never land
for he will feed your eyes with his fearsome dreadful sand.
Shhhh here comes the Sandman.

The world around collapse and you try to escape
but the sound of darkness rumbles ever-changing shape.
Opening your eyes is a lost battle, and you know
because they are sewn shot for your nightmares to grow.
Shhhh here comes the Sandman.

Blur all around, mist in your eyes and mind
Trying to scream and cry but silence is all your find.
Your lips glued together you try to part them
But your touch fells through as all is mayhem
Shhhh here comes the Sandman.

Sounds are coming closer.
Your worse fears are humming together.
You know what to do to avoid to face
the one true horror masterpiece you once embraced
Shhhh here comes the Sandman.

Digging your fingers in your eyes to gash them out,
afraid to see what has been growing from your doubts
But don’t you see this wasn’t a dream?
It was the life you have chosen as strange as it seems.
Shhhh here comes the Sandman.

He will make it all better.
With his fearsome sand filling your orbits.
Growing new eyes to see passed your past.
But keep your lips together.
Words are not needed when images fit
The one dream that everyone has fear would last.
Shhh here comes the Sandman to wish you goodnight.

Horror - Blood
Horror – Blood

Sand & Dreams

As I grew older and tossed the sandman aside, I realized that its idea and persona still haunted me in my dreams. This silhouette, like a ghost, crossing over from house to house spreading its dreadful sand to all falling unconscious it still disturbing to me. I might not believe in it anymore, but that doesn’t mean he’s not good inspiration.

The OCD Vampire,
Arielle Lyon

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