Pharaoh Mask

Curse of the Pharaohs

Mummies have been part of the horror classics since its first discoveries in the early twentieth century. However, curses themselves attributed to the tombs date far long before Europeans discovered them.

Ancient rubbers didn’t wait for the tombs to be documented and instead, went for the rich noble treasures. There was no home system back then, so an excellent old curse had to do!

Back To The 6th Dynasty!

In particular instance, curses engraved on the façades of tombs could be present. From the 6th Dynasty of Khentika Ikhekhi, more precisely Mastaba, situated at Saqqara, the curse itself aimed toward the priest as a warning to protect the tomb to preserve its purity ritual and discarded robbers all-together.

King Tutankhamun
King Tutankhamun

It shows what those ancient people held dear. They had all the treasures possible, and yet, it was their safety in the afterlife that had them concerned more than robbery. They wanted to ensure the priest would take care of them even long after their passing to the point of carving a curse as insurance.

Tutankhamun’s Curse

When Howard Carter discovered the famous King Tut’s tomb, beliefs in pharaohs or mummies’ curses multiplied. It is bizarre to think Pharaoh Tutankhamun‘s discovery had curses popularized when none was on his tomb. The popularity of the young king grew fast, his name was on everyone’s lips, it had people talking and so did the rumor about its curse that is none existent.

Howard Carter - Egyptologist
Howard Carter – Egyptologist

When Howard Carter found King Tut’s resting place in 1922, opening a new era or archeology now named, Egyptology, deaths started to occurred surrounding people he knew and pets. The first sign: The Cobra, symbol of the pharaoh, found in his birdcage eating his pet.  A Royal Cobra invaded Carter’s house, a symbol of monarchy, found on King’s diadem and of course, found its way to The New York Times on December 22nd 1922.

The royal cobra incident spread like wildfire. The death of Lord Carnarvon, best known as an aristocrat who founded parts of the excavation of Carter’s findings, was stung by a mosquito then shaved himself scalping the bite and later died from a blood infection. Of course, again, it found its way back to North America where the curse of the mummy became one to fear.

Lord Carnarvon - Aristocrat
Lord Carnarvon – Aristocrat

Tutankhamun became so popular that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle himself, author of the timeless classic novel series of Sherlock Holmes had to step in and state that Lord Carnarvon’s misfortunate passing was most likely due to elemental origins, most probably by Tutankhamun’s priest to guard the royal tomb.

His statement, although very logical, sadly resulted from a forgery spread by a woman named Marie Corelli. The woman wrote a lie about an mysterious book stating that any who would dare disturb a pharaoh’s tomb would die. That resulted in rumors being spread all over Europe and North America.

Marie Corelli

However, the most interesting of all activity surrounding Tutankhamun’s tomb is related to Dr. Derry who found a healed lesion on the left cheek of the late king, however, because Lord Carnarvon already buried for too long, it was impossible to know if both would’ve found their end the same way.

The Mummy Curse

The curse of pharaohs, although it includes any mummy, is to warn people to leave the bodies and the tombs alone. Any disturbance can cause the curse to take effect. People, mostly robbers, and archeologists are to die if found disturbing a mummy and their tomb.

King Tutankhamun
King Tutankhamun

Of course, the curse was later on revealed to be real, wait, what? Yes, mostly to diseases, fungi, and radioactivity surrounding the tombs, sarcophagus, among other objects that people would touch during research and discoveries of tombs.

At the time, we’re talking early twentieth century, not all diseases or virus were discovered and therefore, no vaccine to prevent those from spreading. Also, radioactivity wasn’t scarce surrounding those emplacements.

Mummies Are Real?

Yes, they are, but do they all come with curses? I doubt it despite many strange coincidences found surrounding them. I find quite intriguing to dig up people from the past, study them and try to learn their lives through hieroglyphs, sarcophagus and anything they have left behind to ensure their safe passage to another dimension.

I can understand why they wouldn’t want to be found, disturbed or robbed. Mummies that were once kings and queens now mummies to scare those who dare enter their homes.

Until next time!
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