Wild Gray Wolf

Werewolves of Today

Werewolves are just myths, legends and folklore. They were created to scare people and be fearful stories around campfires.

Nobody truly believes in their existence. It would be quite ridiculous to do so, right?

Well, there are people that are quite sure they have seen the werewolves of today.

Paranormal Witness — Season #2 Episode 10

My husband and I were watching Paranormal Witness, as we usually do each week it gave. There was that one story though, that caught my attention. We were both engrossed in the story of a man and his wife who looked very genuine to me.

Horror in the Woods
Horror in the Woods


The couple moved into a house, secluded, surrounded by woodlands. She was a mother at home and her husband had hunting as a hobby and would be working night shifts. Long story short, after not believing his wife for seeing a tall creature with glowing eyes, he witnessed tracks on the snow.

He and his hunting friends investigated and found out that the tracks led to an even more secluded house. They did some more research and found out the owner of the house worked at a nearby mechanics for rotating tires. They got a glimpse of the man and saw his eyes glowing. He was said to be of none conventional height and quite impressive.


Gray Wolf
Gray Wolf


Then, the husband’s friend called and they both got to the edge of the man’s land. Cops there, they followed them to the house in question, that looked more like a shed, if you ask me.

Then, they followed the cop inside and saw a very peculiar room. It was covered in metal from the inside, manacles attached to the wall and slashes of claws on the walls all around.

“Everyone knew what the word was, but no one wanted to say it.” Paranormal Witness

Terror in the Woods

There was that one episode from a new paranormal series based on eyewitnesses, Terror in the Woods, that spoke of werewolves of today. The series is a little creepier than any others I’ve watched. They speak of certain subjects that are not often touched, like werewolves.

There was a married couple that decided to go on vacation camping. They were driving to their destination following a map. We’re talking, I believe, something like twenty years ago.


They ended up driving through a small town, eerie and almost uninhabited. They drove past a group of people tall, intimidating, wearing biker clothes, yet their gaze seemed almost ghost-like.

They finally get to their destination and saw a cop car. The officer knocked on their window and asked what they were doing there at this hour and they said they were there for camping. The officer said to be careful and that he would be back in the morning.

Summary, the husband ended up going following a strange sound into the woods with a handgun and saw a tall being, in the shape of a very tall wolf standing up with long claws. The eyes were glowing. He shot at it, a cry was heard, but it didn’t stop the creature. He jumped back into the vehicle and they drove away.


Gray Wolf
Gray Wolf


He never told his wife at that point, because he didn’t wish to alarm her. However, they needed to stop at the general store. One man was staring at them.

When coming back out, the husband decided to talk to the man in the car. The man said that he thought he was someone else when bringing up the strange creature, the driver said that there were many in that town.

“I knew what I saw, I just didn’t want t to admit it to myself.” Terror in the Woods

Hoax or Reality?

Those two shows, of course, I have made research on to know if they were hoaxed or faked in any way. I wanted to make sure those people were genuine and not actors. Turns out, they are real people, just as I suspected.


Paranormal Witness - Cabin in the Woods - S02 Episode 05
Paranormal Witness – Cabin in the Woods – S02 Episode 05


The reenactment might be exaggerated, but I don’t care about the reenactment as much as I do about the story told by the people themselves. People with hauntings stories are almost found everywhere.


Terror in the Woods - Werewolf - S01 Episode 05
Terror in the Woods – Werewolf – S01 Episode 05


Those that have encountered Bigfoot are common. However, when it comes down to werewolves, numbers that were none existent now are slowly growing.

This leads me to believe that more eyewitnesses will come forward in the near future.

Other Statements

“When I arrived I noticed that the roster had been amended. We were all going back to Morbach. It was very rare to have the same patrol twice let alone the entire area. On the bus ride out there we were pretty much quiet.

I stopped the bus at the altar to make sure the candle was lit and the old guy awake. Thumbs up! The Flight Chief showed up around midnight and we had a pow wow.

He said we had two choices. We could turn in the statements but omit the “werewolf” references or shred the statements and have me write in the log book that a wild animal had killed some deer in the wooded area behind the ammo building and that the Forest Meister had been dispatched…end of story.” — from Phantom & Monsters

It almost sounds like a UFO cover up. How many of these have happened without us knowing about it? How many encounters with werewolves were there in the wild and the public were denied the truth?

“One of the most notorious places for werewolf sightings is said to be in Cannock Chase which is an area in Central England near Staffordshire.  The area is a wooded country setting with lots of wildlife and hiking and mountain biking paths throughout.  In this beautiful forested English setting, over the past 30 years, 21 werewolf sightings have been reported – the most recent one being at the end of 2009.

Various eyewitness accounts as reported in the local newspapers all have the same description.  The reports claim that witnesses sight what appears to be a large dog, however when they get closer, it becomes apparent it is not a dog, as the creature pulls itself upright, and runs into the forest on its two hind legs.

And for the record, the eyewitnesses are not untrustworthy individuals – the people claiming the sightings are everyday people – a postal worker, a scout leader, and various members of the community.” — i love Werewolf, 2011

From research, I have come to understand that not only in North America werewolves encounters happened, but many are from England and France as well. The werewolf gene seems to still be at least active in two continents to this day.


What to think?



After research, it is clear to me that the folklore of the werewolf has some merit to it. Like any other folklore, somehow, somewhere, something was or is still real to this day. There is no reason to think that so many people back in the ancient times to this very day were all hallucinating.

Our world without folklore is very gray, not many seem to be exciting. It is a possibility that people sharing the lycanthrope gene are hiding from this “real” world we have been forced to be accustomed to.

Whatever it is that keeps the werewolf folklore alive is somehow, to me, of great importance. Just imagine if they are real, how our lives would change and how exciting it might just become.

The OCD Vampire,
Alexa Wayne

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