Jim Thrope Hotel aka New American Hotel - Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Hauntings – New American Hotel

Continuing down the haunted highways and byways of Pennsylvania. I came across another equally chilling place with lots of styles and plenty of haunts.

Nestled in the Pocono Mountains is the historic town of Jim Thorpe. Yes, it’s named after the Olympian athlete.

Quiet Town, Lots of History

This quiet town hosts some fantastic events and breathtaking scenic views, the town is perfect for that weekend getaway. However, the village doesn’t just attract the weekend vacationer, and it also has its dark history. The city boasts some of the most haunted locations in Pennsylvania. Next to Gettysburg, of course.

The historic Inn at Jim Thorpe was initially built in 1833. Initially, the White Swan Hotel burned to the ground in what has been dubbed “the Great Fire” which took out much of the downtown district in July of 1849. There isn’t much information on the fire.

Jim Thrope Hotel  aka New American Hotel - Pennsylvania
Jim Thrope Hotel aka New American Hotel – Pennsylvania

There were thirty homes and businesses lost in the summer fire that broke out on the morning of July 8th. A new hotel was built on top of the old one, by the same owners. The new hotel, still a pre-civil war at the time was called, New American Hotel, exciting, isn’t it?

The New American Hotel has hosted some famous guests such as General Ulysses S. Grant, President William H. Taft. Buffalo Bill, Thomas Edison, and John D. Rockefeller.


The hotel is currently owned by John Drury and his sons David and Dale. David is the hotel’s general manager and is often seen on spot.

The hotel was bought by the Drury’s in the 1980s, and the family began an intense restoration project to bring the hotel back to its original glory.

The Inn’s Paranormal

Paranormal investigators often theorize that renovations in old buildings stir up the energies inside them, causing spirits to grow more active. While there is no information on whether this is the case in Jim Thorpe, we do know that there are plenty of reports of the hotel’s visitors from the afterlife.

There is no information on when the hauntings began. However, local paranormal teams say that the hotel never seems to disappoint. Haunted staterooms to ghostly orbs and shadows appearing in pictures leave us to believe the hauntings to be innocent.

Jim Thrope Hotel 02

Guests of the hotel have reported objects being moved in their rooms. Doors opening and closing and the televisions in their rooms being turned on are often reported. Room 211 and 410 seem to be the most actives.

Children who have stayed in the hotel have reported seeing apparitions hanging out around bedtime. If you visit this website: nepaparanormal.com, they share some of the EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena) from their stay at the hotel.


One locally told story is of Madeline, a beautiful woman who fell in love with a married man in the area. The two often visited the hotel, getting the same room on the same floor for their secret rendezvous.

By mistake, a new clerk at the counter gives Madeline the key to a different room, and when her lover doesn’t show up, she takes her own life. It’s said she wanders the halls of the Inn looking for her lost lover.

Not Enough Haunts? Think Again


The great thing for any paranormal enthusiast out there is that the Inn at Jim Thorpe isn’t the only haunted hot spot in town! The Old Jail Museum just down the road has additional ghostly gatherings.

Artemis Dai Photography COPYRIGHT

So, if you’re considering heading to Pennsylvania’s Pocono mountains make Jim Thorpe a stop on your travels. Stay a night at the Inn, and maybe you’ll find evidence of the paranormal.

Artemis Dai

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