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Werewolves in Paranormal Romance

Werewolves have been part of human legends and folklore for many centuries. They have encountered many obstacles throughout their existence in our stories.

Lady Romance vs Dark Romance

From undergoing the horror of the witch trials to being compared to hell creatures, they’ve endured and thrived. However, they finally did find a place where they are loved and desired… the paranormal romance world.

The romance genre by Harlequin Publishing, often seen as “eau de rose,” had many haters leaving women reading those books being mocked. Those books revolved around fictional history about a poor unfortunate damsel in distress waiting for her hero.

Same book, same recipe, just a different setting and different authors. I know, my mom had a full box of those novels in our attic.

A New Orleans Threesome by Louisa Bacio
A New Orleans Threesome by Louisa Bacio

Those proper lady romance were not for everyone. Although those romance stories were selling for years and are still part of the most sold to this day. It is quite a revenu for publishers and okay. The genre itself evolved, if we think about this… ahem… book… ahem… Fifty Shades of Gray… sorry my eyes bled for a second.

However, the genre proves to be strong regardless of the quality — again, referring to a “book” or its many sub-genres that are growing.

“Uh-uh. We’ve played this game before. I hide. You never seek. I’m a bit slow on the uptake, but I’m beginning to sense a pattern.” — Clay, Bitten by Kelley Armstorng

But what about me? What about those with a little twisted mind, gothic taste wanting more horror in their novels with a touch of romance? That’s when dark romance with a paranormal taste comes in and make it all better.

Paranormal romance often has monsters turn into seductive creatures such as vampires, demons, mummies and of course, werewolves. The genre might have the word romance in it, but it would most of the time have a darker story to it. The ones I have read involved torture, horror and mysteries.

Club Dead by Charlaine Harris
Club Dead by Charlaine Harris

Paranormal romance is really for those with darker minds, even though it can also share a lighter side as well. The genre being very popular, many publishers turned to it and either created their companies around it or added a field for it.

Werewolves Romance

Werewolves are not only known to be part of horror literature or movies. They have played a very innovative part in romance as well. The werewolves might not have as big a fan base as vampires, but their presence is nonetheless very inspiring to authors.

The first romance about a werewolf goes back to medieval times, although more of a tragedy and betrayal than romance. However, the genre never stopped growing and the werewolf became mysterious and people were curious about it.

Bitten by Kelley Armstrong 01

With tales such as Beauty and the Beast, which inspired many authors to create paranormal romance. It often included a female falling for a beast where the werewolf was often the creature picked due to its alpha male role more appealing to women in general.

“The truth is, if a werewolf behaved like this psychopath it wouldn’t be because he was part animal, but because he was still too human. Only humans kill for sport.” — Bitten by Kelley Armstrong

However, when the paranormal romance genre came to life, it attracted more women to read the stories and of course, werewolves played a great part in the birth of the genre. Many authors even became specialist of the werewolf creature itself.

Werewolf romance has been around for decades, but it’s not up until recently that it really took off and attracted people to read more about the creature. Many authors created curses of their own, view the the werewolf differently than the usual recipe. It created new visions for the centuries’ old creature, giving it a new life.

Immortals After Dark Series by Kresley Cole
Immortals After Dark Series by Kresley Cole

Kelley Armstrong, Canadian author, being one of the most known for her werewolf romance series, Bitten, turned into a television show, is my favorite. But many others are also very impressive, such as Kresley Cole, Louisa Bacio and Sherrilyn Kenyon and of course Charlaine Harris.

Part of the Pack

Werewolves have invaded all of our lives in ways that were unexpected. Either it was from centuries’ old stories to now paranormal romance. It has made its place and is growing strong. Werewolves, associated with the moon, the wild, alphas and a creature that is most wonderful, could only attract women even more to its possibility of being a dreamy man.

Wild Gray Wolf
Wild Gray Wolf

Authors are not about to stop writing werewolf romance and it is all for the best, as readers won’t complain about the possibilities that are endless. Werewolves are part of packs and readers are now part of it too!

The OCD Vampire,
Alexa Wayne

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