Paranormal Is It Fact or Faked?

The unknown is either horrifying or fascinating. One reason is that we cannot prove if it is true or not so far.

When The Unknown Calls

The paranormal encompasses many subjects: Gothic, apparitions, monsters, vampires, nightmares, demons among other obscure things.

When one lives an unexplained situation often becomes obsessed with the paranormal and I always say it’s because of one word: the Unknown.

Horror Drowning
Horror Drowning

The subject itself took form an the earliest civilizations, when no one understood the science behind each occurrences.

Even life and death was not understood and even less was the process of decomposition or even the passage from day to night.

It not until eccentric and scientific curious people such as Leonardo da Vinci or Nicolaus Copernicus that we finally made advancement in the field of paranormal to science.

Pennhurst Hospital - USA, Pennsylvania - Spring City
Pennhurst Hospital – USA, Pennsylvania – Spring City

Now, we kind have no more excuses when it comes to strange things happening around us.

With all the technology and discoveries that have been made, it is now up to us to either investigate or rely on research made by others to make our own conclusions. However, four topics remain the same: fascinating.

Ghostly Thoughts

The paranormal is mostly known for its direct link to the afterlife thus ghosts. Shows like A Haunting, Paranormal Witness, Ghost Adventures, Ghost Hunters TAPS and others, have set the bar for the hauntings very high.

However, many of those shows either exaggerate the reality of the hauntings and experience or are simply staged and the credibility of the true witnesses are often then thought as lies.


Witnesses that are showcased though, are most of the time true people that lived through unexplained situations. Either the reenactments are real or not, doesn’t matter, their words are often genuine.

Also those people are seeking answers to their fears. Some become obsessed with the truth or thrill, while others desire nothing more than to flee the thought of a ghost haunting their home.

The Monsters

Quite often overlooked are monsters. Bigfoot being one of the most popular to be hunted down by researchers of the paranormal, is known by many names over the world. Sadly, again, was given a fake reputation due to the “mockumentary” of Finding Bigfoot played by Animal Planet.


However, its popularity never quite went down. The creature is spoken of in shows such as Terror in the Woods and were also chased down by The Lowe Files as well.

The obsession with the tall bear, ape, human hybrid I believe is again not only due to the famous sixties’ picture but also the possibility of an entire civilization living outside the human sight.


Probably one of the oldest belief in human civilization is witchery. A craft originally created to heal other people through nature and its benefit.

I don’t know if it was due to the lack of entertainment or because certain people felt threatened by the abilities those women seemed to have, but then being witch became wrongly associated with evil.

Cauldron 01

When all eyes were fixed on witches for a little over two centuries, those trials inspired many people to write about them. Some were good, some were bad and some… terrifying.

However, their reputation got tarnished more than any other paranormal related beings. Black craft, satanists, all being thrown in the same cauldron and we forgot about their true meaning: helpers and healers.

Demonic Nightmares

Demons are part of many different cultures and beliefs. Not many believe in them however present in many books. Portals are said to exist to bring them over, one being situated in Romania in a very obscure forest where a circle patch of grass in the middle of a woodland refuses to grow anything else.

Amityville Home
Amityville Home

However, the most popular people to have brought demon to the spotlight in the paranormal community are the Warrens.

Lorraine and her husband Ed, known for their inspiration for horror movies such as Poltergeist, Annabelle, The Conjuring also took part in the, now known to have been staged all along show, Paranormal State.

Sadly, many believe the Warrens to be fake as they often refer to hauntings as being demonic instead of a regular haunting or organic explanation.

So is it true or false?

When it comes to the paranormal it is up to each individual to make their own minds. There are no good or bad answers yet as no one, not even scientists can determine a hundred percent that the afterlife is none existent. Also, what kind of life would it be without the doubt of the unknown?

Artemis Dai Photography COPYRIGHT

Yes, many shows on television are faked, they are entertainment after all and cannot be seen otherwise. However, when you walk alone at night in a forest, you hear strange noises and know for sure that no animals were around, it is still mostly captivating to believe that maybe it is Bigfoot or a witch, a ghost or a demon marauding around you.

True or false, it’s up to you. Me, I keep my mind open.

The OCD Vampire,
Alexa Wayne

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