The Haunted House I Grew Up In

For a very short time, I lived in a haunted house. It was my family’s home. It was the place of my dreams. I had an enormous bedroom all my friends were envious about. It was the most beautiful house because my grandpa built it.

I was raised by my maternal grandparents. My mom still going to college when she had me, was greatly helped by them. And so, here is the story of the haunted house I grew up in.

Haunted from the Beginning?

My grandfather build the house for my grandmother back in the sixties. He acquired many of the material from a hospital that burned down. Nothing ever happened in the house. But that was until my husband and I were ready to move out. And this was after I received in inheritance from my grandparents.

Haunted House

The house was big, 36″x40.” It had a finished basement with a bachelor. My husband and I had the first level. My great-aunt (grandfather’s sister) on the other part, lived in the bachelor in the basement. Our living room was just above her bedroom. Because it was an open space, the dinning room area was above her living room.

Haunted & Names

One night, my husband and I were watching television. We suddenly were hearing humming. We obviously thought it was my great-aunt. After all, the voice sounded exactly like hers.

Then, not long after, I heard my name. Often, when my great-aunt had something to tell me or ask something, she would walk to the basement’s entrance. It was below the kitchen where the built-in space for the refrigerator was. It had on the lower side, a grid and I would hear her very well.


I answered, nothing. My husband asked me to call her again, nothing. Then, when I was about to sit in the couch, I heard my name a second time. I went downstairs and knocked on her door, nothing. I was worried. I thought maybe she fell down or something happened. Nothing.

I climbed up the stairs and decided to go see in the kitchen window. Placed on the side wall, it overviewed the driveway. Just like I suspected, no cars except my husband’s. Just before I was about to let him know.

“Hey, isn’t tonight her great-aunt’s bingo night?” – Robenstein, My husband

Haunted Humming

We heard more humming following, but not my name. When my great-aunt came back, I went downstairs. I asked her if she sang or called me. Her answer did not surprised me when she said, “No, I was out playing bingo. I left around four.”

The haunting phenomenon happened between 8pm and 11pm. No one else was in the house when it occurred.


Nothing was felt malicious. I had never lived in a haunted place before. However enough to have my curiosity picked. I won’t lie that I would love to have another experience as such. My husband was curious as well and wanted to investigate.

But then, when moving out, my mother took the house. She bought me out and we moved away. After many renovations she and her husband made, we do not know what happened to the voice that haunted the house I grew up in.

And like Thomas Wolfe said…

“You can’t go home again.” – Thomas Wolfe, You Can’t Go Home Again

The OCD Vampire
Alexa Wayne

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