Canadian Monster?

Canada is not very much popular when it comes to hauntings and monsters. However, we apparently have a Canadian Lizard Monster!

A Canadian Monster

The possibility of a Canadian Lizard Monster fascinates me. I was doing some research for Gothic Bite Magazine on monsters, when I stumbled upon an article mentioning a Top 10 Canadian Monsters.

I had to take a look, although most are strange and rather “drunkard” stories in my opinion, the one that took me by surprise was, the Thetis Lake Monster.

The creature is believed to live in the Thetis Lake on the Vancouver Island in British Columbia (West Coast of Canada) and differently, that monster is not a prehistoric snake or water creature but has the shape of a man.

Creature From The Black Lagoon - Released in 1954
Creature From The Black Lagoon – Released in 1954

Reminiscent of the Black Lagoon Monster, the “Lizard Man” is believed to have silvery blue scales and barbed fins going down the length of his back with webbed claws. Although it has been officially seen only twice, the sightings are now starting to multiply.

Lizard Testimony Sightings

The first sighting was reported in 1972 by two teenage boys from which, one has said to have been slashed by one of the creature’s webbed claws. Then, another report came in a week following the first incident.

Again, two men saw the same exact creature, but this time, on the opposite side of Thetis Lake. Sadly, they took back their claim, afraid of being laughed at probably.

Thetis Lake - British Columbia - Canada
Thetis Lake – British Columbia – Canada

Fishermen reported to have seen the Lizard man, but the story being so vague one would wonder if it truly was the same type of sighting. And, that one occurred in 2011.

Maybe there is a creature living in the deep of Thetis Lake. After all, there are so many reports from around the world of creatures that are unknown to us living underwater that it makes you wonder about the possibility of it to be true.

What are your thoughts?

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Alexa Wayne

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