Supernatural Television Series

Supernatural – Woman in White

CATEGORY : Television Series.
GENRE : Paranormal.
SCRIPT: Éric Kripke
MAIN CHARACTERS: Dean Winchester (played by Jensen Ackles and Sam Winchester (played by Jared Padalecki.)

Supernatural Television Series
Supernatural Television Series

Lawrence, Kansas, USA.

The episode starts in the darkness of the night on a view of a house and we can hear horrifying music. We are twenty-two years before it all began on November 2nd 1983 in the Winchester house.

Dean and Sam are both young children still and that is when it all started on the night where an invisible evil force took their mother away when their father had to save them. He arrives just in time to take Sam and Dean away from the flames that their mother was being consumed by deep in their house.


Supernatural Television Series
Supernatural Television Series

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We are now twenty-two years later and Sam, the youngest of the Winchester, lives with his fiancée Jessica. He left the “hunter” life to become a lawyer. When night falls, Dean – his brother, walks into Sam’s home to let him know about their father’s disappearance and his worries concerning him.

It had been two years now that both brothers had not seen each other and despite that, Sam accepts to help his brother. However, he had to come back at the latest on Monday to do his interview for law school.

Dialog from the show

Sam : What the hell are you doing here?
Dean : I was looking for a beer.
Sam : What the hell are you doing here?
Dean : All right. We gotta talk.
Sam : Uh, the phone?
Dean : If I’d’a call. Would you have picked up?

Supernatural Television Series
Supernatural Television Series

Strange deaths will lead the Winchester brothers in a small little town in California presuming that it’s part of the hunt to find their father they both decide to go.

After they find their father’s shelter, both discover that the ghost of a woman in white is responsible for the disappearance of unfaithful men when victim of car accidents.

In the first episode we lightly see how the « Winchester hunters » survive. As an example, to find information they won’t hesitate to borrow the identity of a higher authority which in this case was one of a Marshall to extract information from the police force.

As simple civilians none would’ve been able to get the information needed to pursue their investigation. As for the money, the Winchester brothers use fake credit cards with made up names.

Once caught and under arrest for identity stolen, fake credit cards and passing himself as a Marshall, Dean finds himself in possession of his father’s journal that had left him a message.

Once he escaped, Dean finds his brother Sam, helpless in his car with the Woman In White. Sam might have tried to free himself, but the Woman in White wouldn’t let go until Dean drowned her in salt balls.

Sam finally crashes the Impala into her old house and once inside, the Woman In White is neutralized by her own children that she had drowned and left with them to join their world.

Then, Dean leaves his brother at his house and drives toward Colorado.


Supernatural Television Series
Supernatural Television Series

We are now in Sam’s apartment who thinks his fiancée is in the shower. He lay down to relax, but then feels a few drops of blood falling on his forehead.

The same happened with his mother when he was a child. He opens his eyes and sees Jessica on the ceiling, disemboweled and in flames. Sam is terrorized, but Dean knocks the door down and pulls him away from the flames that quickly burns the bedroom down.

Once the firefighters arrive, Dean go find Sam at the rear of the Impala upset and terrorized. He throws a loaded shotgun in the trunk.

Sam : Come on. We got work to do.


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