Palette Swap

Time to get setup for work. Get a set of disposable cups, tissues, cotton balls, sponges, and paper towels all in a neat row. Well, to be honest, as neat as it is going to get. Set out the makeup wheels according to which actors come in first.

Different brushes for each layer of Glow in the Dark paint for the Clowns, tissues torn into pieces and latex set for when the Zombies come in. All set?

Makeup Brushes
Makeup Brushes

Good. Now breathe. Here comes the hard part. 4-5 minutes before the rush of the actors who are getting amped and ready for inflicting terror and chaos befitting their haunts.

Welcome to the Screampark

This past year I got the opportunity to work for Indy Screampark , not only as an actor but also as a makeup artist. It was one of those opportunities where I just took the chance. I love makeup and ADORE makeup and effects shows. So why not?

I got the crash course on all of the afflictions of the skin. Bruises, wounds, scratches, burns, and sunken eyes, oh my! Using a variety of crème makeup and watercolor, we were told to go crazy.



With 5 different full haunts ranging in diversity of scares it gave a full gambit of makeup looks and blending to try. 3 inside haunts and 2 out, with a cast of Midway actors to thrill and chill, our team had our hands full!

Each our us had our own station prepared for Asylum Patients run amok, Rage clowns, Backwoods cannibals, Zombies, and Infected doctors. The coolest thing was to see the variety of designs and see all of the different personalities of the other Makeup Artists.

Every night was a different set of canvas, new stories heard. Laughter over the scares of the night or chastising clowns as they did their best to terrorize me.


Horror 02
Horror 02

The teams were friendly, and it was always a joy to get to work and hear how everyone was. Through the hard night of back to back actors, fun nights of themed events. It was always a chance to challenge and learn.

Now that I have a season under my belt and have some amazing experiences with my Bestie who came with me along for the ride, I look forward to many more nights of widespread terror.



Feel free to stop by Backwoods one night, tell them Granny JoJo sent you.



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