Napalm Records Rocks Harder!

Exit Eden is only one of the amazing metal symphonic bands they make possible. Let’s dig into who is Napalm Records.

Who Is Napalm Records

Napalm Records is a company that started twenty years ago in Austria in the town of Eisenerz.

As an independent record company, I believe they are one of the biggest on the scene in 2018. It is surely very impressive when thinking it started with only one person with a big idea and a lot of ambition.

Exit Eden — Napalm Records
All-Female Four Piece Band EXIT EDEN Announces Debut Album “Rhapsodies in Black”!

Napalm Records are focused on heavy rock metal and symphonic metal. When visiting their official YouTube Channel, you can tell how professional the company truly is and how serious about their artists they are as well promoting each and every one of them with great effort.


Among their artists, you can find: Audrey Horne, Nemesea, Heidevolk, 8Kids, Cavalera Conspiracy, Xandria, Powerwolf, Seven Kingdoms and my favorite band, Exit Eden.

The channel itself has over seven hundred thousand followers and provides you with a full page of official videos from their various amazing artists. The playlist section is divided by artists, which I find is very useful when you wish to lose yourself in your favorite music.


The sister site to Napalm Records is called Kamelot, which is a very popular band of its own under Napalm Records and well worth a visit.

Complete with the list of their social medias and links, even with an online store ready for you to purchase their artists’ albums, I suggest you go take a look and enjoy the great and amazing music Napalm Records has to offer.

Napalm Records YouTube Channel
Napalm Records YouTube Channel

***: Napalm Records is an Austrian Company. All musicians mentioned are signed under Napalm Records and are used in this article as entertainment only.

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