Un Nouveau Souffle

A New Breath

Gothic Bite Magazine loves to learn of new places that sell peace, crystals, and supports many beliefs. Also, who would say no to a kitty assistant?

Why Un Nouveau Souffle?

It’s been five years that I have visited this esoteric boutique in the little, but old, downtown of the village where I now live.

On one of the busy streets, surrounded by old buildings, not too far from a century old church, there is a store named Un Nouveau Souffle (A New Breath) and just like its name.

Once you go in, you are filled with a desire to be better than you have ever been before as if the place can truly heal something in you that needed to be put back together.

Un Nouveau Souffle
Un Nouveau Souffle

Living in Eastern Canada, in the old French province of Quebec, I have come to know many people of many different culture. We might not be perfect, far from that, but we do accept many beliefs and different visions of what the world and spirituality is made of.

When my husband and I moved to an northern town following the passing of my the one I called my father, I was in need of healing my pain and so I looked for something new and there it was, Un Nouveau Souffle.

I acquired a few things to cleanse our new, but old house. I bought white candles to heal a few trees and myself through nature. As for my troubled dreams, because of my Native American ancestry, I have a dreamcatcher protecting me as well as a lampion with the image of the Archangel Saint Michael.

When Gothic Bite Magazine was then up and running, I decided with Tara, Emberly and Luna to go revisit the store and this time I asked the owner’s permission to interview her and ask her some questions about her very unique boutique where a grey little cat is there to welcome you with hugs and a feline smile in her golden eyes.


ALEXA WAYNE: Why have you felt the need to open Un Nouveau Souffle?

OWNER: I wished to guide people in spirituality. Spirituality is something very important to me.

ALEXA WAYNE: Why would you name the store Un Nouveau Souffle?

OWNER: I went on vacation in India, before coming back I wanted to spend all the Indian money I had and so I found a Shiva and when coming back, because I liked the look of her, I used it on my business card and there she is blowing on a lamp.

Un Nouveau Souffle
Un Nouveau Souffle

She showed me her business card and added that when she was looking for a building to open her store, walking down the street. She said she had been having those dreams letting her know that an eight branch star would be the sign. 

That star would be the place for her to lease. She kept looking up at the night sky walking with her husband, but nothing, until she entered her current store and when moving a carpet saw the eight branch star she had been looking for.

“I was looking up instead of down.” She said with a chuckle.

Un Nouveau Souffle Owner

ALEXA WAYNE: What does your clientele is looking for when they come to your store

OWNER: What they are the most looking for are crystals, gems, stones that have a meaning. I help by keeping a wide variety of those and have them in different displays.

The cat seemed to be following my friends while they were looking around the jewelry section of the store that are all very affordable.

I glanced at them, but quickly looked back at the owner wearing a pink sweater with a hoodie and a pair of pale jeans.

ALEXA WAYNE: What would you say is your specialization?

OWNER: I would say that my specialization is the canalization of energy. I help by directing energy.

ALEXA WAYNE: What is the spirituality that your clientele is most looking for when they come here?

OWNER: Let’s start by saying that spirituality is a way of living while often confused with Wicca that is a recent religion, spirituality is something that is in all of us. I, myself, often turn to faes for help.

She took a deep breath and with a smile on her face, the owner told me about a very inspiring story that almost had me believe in the existence of faes.

Un Nouveau Souffle
Un Nouveau Souffle

OWNER: In my backyard there was a weeping willow and it was dying when I decided to move it from its original place. I tried to save it, but sadly, it was getting worse. I decided to plant some tall tulips and then, I decided to take upon myself to reach to the faes and ask for their help.

I said “Please, little faes, pour some pixie dust over my weeping willow and revive it for me.” It took a few days, but from my porch, although far, I could see that it was still dying until my husband asked me to go see for myself by the tree.

Despite my doubts, as I could see the dying branches, I walked to the tree asking the faes why they didn’t help me, wondering if they forgot about me and then, I saw the leaves back to life. The faes save my tree.

People would come and go in the store, it was never full, but many would walk around and buy as she said, stones and crystals and seek for her advice. When it slowed down for a short while, I was able to keep asking her other questions I had prepared for her to answer.

ALEXA WAYNE: How long has the Un Nouveau Souffle been open?

OWNER: Strangely enough, it has been thirteen years.

I shared with the owner that my husband and I got married at the end of our twelve years together and were now on the path of our thirteenth year. For long, like every other, thirteen was a number that scared me until I had one of the most beautiful day of my life the Friday before my wedding. She smiled.

ALEXA WAYNE: I often have nightmares, what would you recommend to someone who has those?

OWNER: I would recommend to keep an amethyst stone, it brings out calmness and is known to be relaxing and open the mind to positivity.

ALEXA WAYNE: What would say makes Un Nouveau Souffle unique compared to other stores in the same style?

OWNER: I believe it is my generosity. I believe in being kind and giving.

Un Nouveau Souffle
Un Nouveau Souffle

I brought to her attention that Tara, Emberly and Luna were in fact from the United States and one of them, Tara, wanted to know how people reacted to her store as she gave an example that sometimes certain places are close-minded to such an idea of an esoteric store.

ALEXA WAYNE: Do you feel like you are accepted by the community?

OWNER: Yes, absolutely. We are very open here to spirituality and what would other call esoteric. I believe that maybe Quebec is a welcoming place for people like us. People were always kind to me from the very beginning.

As our interview was coming to an end, I wanted to make sure she felt like Gothic Bite Magazine and the Ghoul Family wanted to share her wonderful store with the world and so I asked her with a smile.

ALEXA WAYNE: What would you like to say to the rest of the world that might come and take a look at our interview?

OWNER: This store isn’t just like any other store, it’s a place of good energy and also, this is our slogan.

ALEXA WAYNE: Is it possible for people around the world to buy online from your store

OWNER: Yes, it is possible for them to order from our official website.

As we were about to say goodbye, Tara who also is a Tarot Card Reader felt like she wanted to buy a French deck and through the wide variety found one that called her name and bought it for herself.

Also a gift for one of her closest friends. Emberly and Luna bought a Fae bookmark. No surprise for me, to help with my dreams, I bought the amethyst stone to help me relax.

If you ever come to visit the province, do not forget to pass by Un Nouveau Souffle or if you are not planning to come up North, stop by her website and see for yourself how calming and energizing it is to take a new breath.

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Alexa Wayne


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