Ghost Adventures

Ghost Adventures

Scaring Up The Truth


For those with the passion there is no greater mystery then the unknown. The thrill of the hunt, the exploration of a rare and unique location and the chance to communicate with those that have gone on to the other side.

Is it the science of the unknown or is there more that drives the professional and the amateur hunter today? Some might say that ghost hunting is the ultimate thriller, a real life in the moment rush of adrenaline.

Ghost Adventures
Ghost Adventures

Paranormal research dates back to the nineteenth century. A prolific Ghost Hunter of his time, Harry Prince, wrote Confessions of a Ghost Hunter in 1936 and the Fox sisters were communicating with ghosts in 1840!

Today, the thrill for hunting ghosts and communicating with the paranormal has exploded due to television reality shows and the easy access to all of the new high tech tools of the trade, which can be bought at retail stores like Best Buy to online moguls such as Amazon and eBay. Today, people want the science as much as they want the genuine terror of being touched, talked to, or haunted by the things they cannot see.

Looking for Ghost Adventures

Zak Bagans, Aaron Goodwin, Jay Wasley, and Billy Tolley are the four musketeers breathing life back into an age-old science. These four EMF (electromagnetic frequency) detector toting ghost hunters are the investigators of Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures series. Ghost Adventures premiered on the Travel Channel in 2008 and is still considered to be one of the highest rated paranormal adventure reality shows now in its 15th season according to

The show features four friends who have all had personal experiences that led them into the field of paranormal investigations. These four now travel the world searching for answers to the nagging question many ask. What comes next? Where do we go when we die? Zak Bagans’ Ghost Adventures have had explored Dracula’s castle, the Winchester house, and Preston Castle.

Ghost Adventures
Ghost Adventures

Through the course of the series’ years loyal fans have seen Aaron lose weight, Billy shows his love for animals when he rescues a stray off the streets in Texas, mid episode. Sophie would late help the Ghost Adventures crew investigate The Rivera in Las Vegas. Throughout the years Zak Bagans has grown a little darker with exposure to all the negative energy and still has a fear of clowns.

Fame and Ghosts

The crew have invited some famous names from all walks of life to spend time on their adventurous lockdowns with them, from Rapper Post Malone to Fangsmith and Endless Nights co-founder Father Sebastiaan. The series as even earned a spin-off of sorts with Zak Bagans’ Haunted Museum and Deadly Possessions, which boosts some of the most haunted items from the shows adventures including Doctor Kevorkian’s van and Bela Lugosi’s cursed mirror.

These guys have come a long way from hand held tape recorders and phone applications, and the Ghost Adventures team seems ever on the lookout for new tech that will help answer that daunting question: what comes next? Robotics Engineer Bill Chappel is often coming up with new methods and new equipment to try to see through the veil. And uses the show as an on the move laboratory for his paranormal experiments.

Ghost Adventures
Ghost Adventures

The series as had several skeptics challenge their finders, methods, and technology. The crew have had their fair share of skeptics and critics as well, but all that comes with being in the lime light.

While no one is sure if Zak Bagans considers himself Gothic, his black attire and collection of deadly possessions definitely suggests he’s not part of the common everyday mundane world. Despite some criticism and muckraking the show shows no signs of slowing down.

As long as there is a question, fans and skeptics can rest assure that Zak and his posse will continue hunting for the answer.

Ghost Adventures
Ghost Adventures

Catch Ghost Adventures Saturday nights at 9 p.m. EST on Travel Channel. Or if you are from Canada, you can watch Ghost Adventures, Saturday at 9 p.m. EST on DTOUR Channel.

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